Tips for Working Moms After CNA Training

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As a mom, you already work hard every single day. Whether you’re keeping the house clean, taking the kids to soccer practice, or fixing healthy meals the kids will actually eat, your days are busy. When you decide to take CNA training and become a CNA, though, things get just a little bit busier. You may not have the time to do everything you used to do, or you may still have to somehow get all of those responsibilities done in the short amount of time you’re off work. After CNA training, time management becomes very critical to your life. If you aren’t sure how you’re going to devote 40 hours a week to work and still come home and take care of your children, here are a few tips that might help.

Time Management After CNA Training

  • Be Organized- If you find yourself constantly late for work after CNA training because your children can’t find their backpacks, library books, or a pair of clean socks to wear, it’s time to make a change. Create a new system that everyone has to follow in order to stay on track, all the time. An easy (and cheap) way to do this is with storage bins. Place them by the front door and get in the habit of storing all of the kids’ must-have items in the bins at night. This way, when you wake up in the morning, all the things they need will be right there waiting for them to walk out the door.
  • Plan it out- Feeling stressed about when you’re going to go grocery shopping, do the laundry, or fix dinner with everything you’ve got going on after CNA training? Make a plan. Maybe you’ll make a point of always going shopping Friday evenings after work. Perhaps you’ll do laundry once a week on Saturday mornings. Maybe Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to pre-cook casseroles for the entire week. By thinking ahead after CNA training, you won’t feel stressed about having to get everything done during a busy work week.
  • Get Enough Sleep- Your work after CNA training is important, and you need to be rested to ensure the patients you are caring for are cared for well. Their lives are in your hands, after all. This can be a little difficult, though, when you have children. You may occasionally be up three or four times a night holding an inexplicably crying child. This means that if you want to be the best at work, you’ve got to make a plan to get enough sleep. If possible, take turns getting up with your partner or spouse. If you’re a single mother, this isn’t going to be possible. If sleep becomes a problem, consider adjusting your schedule so you can go to bed an hour or two earlier than usual. This way you’ll get more sleep even with interruptions.
  • Have the Kids Pitch in- You shouldn’t be expected to do everything after CNA training. In fact, if you try, there’s a good chance you’ll get burnt out from the stress of it all. As soon as your children are old enough, have them begin helping you keep the house neat and clean. They can even help you pack their lunches for school. It will teach them the importance of teamwork and responsibility while reducing your work load.

Working Moms After CNA Training

If you’re a mom who has completed CNA training, there’s a good chance you feel overwhelmed right now. Use these time management tips to keep your days on track and to accomplish all of your daily tasks after CNA training.

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