Tips on Romantic Relationships After CNA Training

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How many times have we said, “Entering the nursing field and completing your CNA training will not be like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy or ER?” As true as this is for many who complete CNA training, what do you do if you do happen to find your own McDreamy while working as a CNA? Stuff happens, after all, and you can’t say no to love when it’s staring you right in the face, working every shift with you, and sitting across from you in the break room.


While your head might tell you that getting involved with someone you work with after CNA training isn’t a good idea, it isn’t always avoidable.

So, how do you get your happily ever after without interrupting your work environment and messing up your job?

Workplace Romances After CNA Training

A workplace romance can be challenging after CNA training. If you work side by side with the individual, it can be distracting, taking your focus away from patients. It can also be uncomfortable for your coworkers, who may become hostile or distant because of your relationship.

So, what can you do to ensure you don’t suffer for your love after CNA training? Take these tips to heart before you decide to let romance win.

  • Know the Policies- If you are thinking of entering a relationship with a coworker after CNA training, begin first by speaking to your director of nursing. Find out what policies, written and unwritten, have been established by your medical facility. Some policies may strictly prohibit it, others may require you to provide written notice of the relationship, and others may require you to change shifts or duties so the two of you are not constantly working together.
  • Maintain Friendships- Don’t give up friendships with your coworkers simply because you are in a new relationship. And, at the same time, make sure you set up boundaries so your relationship doesn’t interfere with your friendships.
  • Keep the Details Private- Your workplace after CNA training is in no way the set of a Jerry Springer show. When you are happy in the relationship, keep it to yourself. If things go sour, keep it to yourself. Your coworkers don’t need or want to hear about any part of your relationship and spreading this information could be distracting to patient care for those you work with and yourself.
  • Be Professional- In everything, remain professional. This means that when you are on the clock, you think about your patients only. Public displays of affection are not acceptable, and most facilities will punish individuals for these displays.

Maintaining Relationships After CNA Training

While many believe relationships in the workplace are doomed to failure, that doesn’t mean they actually are. With a few guidelines, some will-power, and the right information, you can maintain a romantic relationship with one of your coworkers without it becoming a disaster. Use these tips to ensure you remain a reliable, courteous professional, even if you do happen to find your McDreamy in the workplace after CNA training.

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