Tips to Quit Smoking After CNA Training

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If you’ve been through CNA training, you already know how harmful smoking can be to your health. However, it can be a really difficult habit to break, especially when it is used as a stress reliever. Life is full of stress, and your life after CNA training will be that much more stressful. You’ll have demanding patients, near-death scares, arrogant supervisors, and uninformed co-workers. Sometimes you might feel like smoking is the only way to deal with all of this stress.

If you have made the decision to quit, though, there are some helpful suggestions you can use to make sure you kick this habit after CNA training.

How to Quit Smoking After CNA Training

  • Determine Why You Want to Quit- If you don’t want it, you aren’t going to do it. Before you decide to quit smoking, sit down and write out a list of at least 10 reasons why you want to, and why you should. Sure, there are health reasons, and after CNA training your patients may not like the way you smell, but don’t think about why others want you to quit. Until the reasons you write down are actually YOUR reasons, you aren’t going to be ready to quit or motivated to start.
  • Start Small- Whether you smoke out of habit, because you like to, or to deal with stress after CNA training, you shouldn’t try going cold turkey. While some individuals can succeed in quitting smoking this way, if you try and pick up the habit again you might lose some of your motivation. Instead, start by slowly cutting back and set a date on your calendar on which you hope to be smoke-free. Take advantage of the many products available over-the-counter today to help curb your urges as well.
  • Get Help- Even Noah didn’t build the entire ark by himself; he had help. When you decide to give up smoking, do it with the help of your friends and family members. Create a group on Facebook, or find an existing one, with supporters that can encourage you and assist you through rocky times. Or maybe join forces with one of your co-workers who has completed CNA training and wants to quit smoking too.
  • Avoid Smokers- The first thing you will notice when you want to quit smoking after CNA training is that smokers are everywhere. They are on the street corner, in your favorite movies, and even in the pages of that novel you’ve wanting to read. Being near these individuals or even just watching someone light up on TV can increase cravings dramatically. Avoid it if at all possible.
  • Find a New Habit- If stress is a factor, and it probably is after CNA training, you need to replace your stress-busting habit of smoking with a healthier one. Try reading a new book, organizing the breakroom at your medical facility, or even just taking a few minutes to smile and dance like nobody’s watching (we aren’t saying that no one will be watching, but just to dance like they aren’t. And hey, if they smile or even giggle, at least you know you’ve brightened someone’s day!)

Smoking is a habit that you can break. Use these tips to kick the habit after CNA training.

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