To Use or Not to Use? The Cell Phone Issue After CNA Training

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Almost everyone these days uses a cell phone. And why shouldn’t they? Cell phones help us communicate with friends and family quickly and assist us in emergency situations. After CNA training, however, you they may be more of a nuisance than actual help. Nurses and those who have completed CNA training often have their cell phones out in nursing homes, hospitals, and other medical facilities, answering calls and texts at the same time they are providing patient care.


Does this sound right for you? Today we will look at both sides of the argument and determine whether or not you, and other who have completed CNA training, should be using cell phones at work.


Cell Phones at Work? Life After CNA Training


In CNA training, you learned one important rule above all other rules: patient care is your number one priority. It is your job, your life. While cell phones no longer bother most medical equipment, they can still interfere with the care you provide to your patients in the following ways:


  • They can keep you from performing your duties correctly. If your cell phone is on while you are caring for a patient, you may forget to perform one of your tasks, or you may not be paying attention to the patient when they are telling you something important about their illness.


  • If you are more interested in answering a phone call or sending a text, you may be delayed in providing appropriate care to your patients after CNA training. You may ignore call lights or fail to hear them while you are on the phone, which could possibly result in injuries or problems for your patients.


  • Your patients and co-workers could perceive you as unprofessional and even rude.


So, are there any reason a cell phone might come in handy when you are working after CNA training? Perhaps, in unique circumstances. Let me tell you a short story about an incidence that occurred while I was working as a CNA.


In the nursing facility I worked in after CNA training, we were not allowed to use our cell phones while we were caring for patients. If we had them on our person, they had to be turned off. If not, they had to be in the break room. On one particular night, mine was turned off and in my pocket. I was caring for each of the residents on my hall. I entered one patient’s room to find him asleep. However, when I checked, I realized his adult brief needed to be changed. I gently nudged his shoulder and called his name to wake him up, and when his eyes opened, I knew immediately something was wrong.


He jerked awake and grabbed my right wrist and held on tight. I had moved the call light out of the way so I could assist him, and when I tried to reach it, I couldn’t. Despite my best efforts to calm him down, he held onto my wrist with a death grip I couldn’t get free from and my shouts were not heard. Because my cell phone was in my pocket, I was able to open it up, turn it on, and call for help (thankfully, the nursing home’s number was on speed dial.)


Using Cell Phones After CNA Training


In special circumstances, cell phones can be handy for those who have completed CNA training. However, they are not always, and in most cases do more harm than good after CNA training.

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