Top 10 CNA Training Schools In The United States

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We have discussed previously a few practical tips for choosing the right CNA training. Today we are going to make the decision just a little bit easier for you by providing you with ten great schools where you can earn the education you need to become a fantastic certified nursing assistant.

Choosing From The Top 10 CNA Training Schools In The US

With these CNA training schools, you will be able to perform any of the responsibilities asked of you in your CNA career. You will be trained to:

  • Monitor patients, record changes, and present any changes to the head nurse
  • Prepare meals, deliver meal trays, and feed patients
  • Record the intake and output of each patient
  • Take the vital signs of your patients
  • Assist patients with daily activities, such as walking, dressing, bathing, and toileting

More than 900 CNA training schools exist in the United States today. The following ten schools are considered the best of the best, however, due to their placement, infrastructure, faculty, facilities, and ratings.

  • Washington University- Located in Seattle, Washington, this facility was named the number one university for training programs by US news. If you are not completely satisfied as a CNA, you can return to this school to continue your education and earn your master’s and graduate degree. This CNA training school provides educated and highly qualified staff and uses the most advanced technology and tools available.
  • North Carolina University- Located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, this school offers CNA training with both practical and theoretical classes.
  • California University- Located in San Francisco, this college is known for offering several medical courses, including CNA training. Rated as a top college for training and placement, this school is all about research and quality training.
  • Pennsylvania University- Located in Philadelphia, this private school welcomes about 25,000 enrollments each year into their training programs. It was rated the best nursing school for 2011 and provides additional training in family health, women’s health care, and pediatrics.
  • Cincinnati University- Established in 1819, this college has achieved a fantastic reputation for providing its students with top-notch health care training.
  • John Hopkins University- A legend among health care universities, this is the oldest college to offer nursing programs in America. It is located in Baltimore and is consistently a top ten college among many different publications. Here, you can study everything from CNA training to Nursing.
  • University of Western Governors- Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, this university offers both campus and online CNA training courses.
  • Michigan University- An Arbor, Michigan is home to this CNA training school, provides excellent training which can be divided into three categories. The first is acute and long term care, the second is health risk reduction, and the third is health system-related. This school will also help you find employment after your CNA training is complete.
  • Illinois University- Found in Chicago, this is the largest medical school in America. Here you can obtain your CNA training, as well as other various degrees you may be interested in.
  • Pittsburgh University- Since 1939, this CNA training school has been providing educational courses for nursing students and CNAs. About 94% of the students who attend this school find employment in famous hospitals, making it the prime choice for many potential CNAs.


If you are considering CNA training, you may want to take the time to research some of these fabulous schools. These schools could provide you with the opportunity and education you need to be successful as a CNA.

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