Top 3 Considerations Before Choosing CNA Training Classes

cna trainingCNA Training Considerations

CNA training is offered in a wide variety of class situations. While this can (and does) prove to be extremely convenient for most students, because it will fit into numerous life situations, deciding on the right CNA training class for you can be difficult, especially if your search has just begun. In this article we’re going to help you to recognize the top three different types of CNA training classes that are available while providing examples of how each will fit into specific needs or life situations.┬áHere’s the breakdown:

Types of CNA Training Classes

There are different schedules and locations, but the top three types of CNA training classes to consider are the following:

  • Online CNA Training Classes
  • Free CNA Training Classes
  • On location CNA Training Classes

Online CNA Training

Is online CNA training for you? Although the advertisements are everywhere and these classes may seem ideal, there are a couple of caveats. First, do you have what it takes to successfully complete online classes? You’ll be on your own, just you and your computer. This takes a fair amount of diligence, which many individuals find that they just don’t have. Another consideration with online classes is to be sure to inquire about the hands on, clinical portion of your CNA training. This is a requirement for most states and if your online CNA training course does not have partnerships with hospitals and clinics in your area, this choice may end up being more of a headache than anything.

Free CNA Training

Everyone wants free, and this is understandable, although free CNA training classes are somewhat tricky to find. The first place to look would be your local Red Cross, which sometimes does offer free courses. If this is not an option for you, the next step would be to consider whether or not you are eligible for a FAFSA government grant. FAFSA depends on a list of variables which include your income, age, marital status and others to determine whether or not you would qualify for government aide. One other form of free CNA training would be to check your local adult care centers to inquire whether or not they offer on site CNA training, free of charge, in exchange for a contract agreeing you will stay on as a staff member for a certain period of time. If qualified CNAs are scarce in your area, this is a way that nursing centers recruit new employees, so keep an eye out for this.

On Location CNA Training

This is the most common form of CNA training and will most likely be the one you will choose. On location CNA training is offered in adult education centers, community colleges, nursing facilities, local hospitals, and sometimes at nursing homes or other nursing facilities. If you need a particular type of schedule, such as night classes, you’ll generally have no problem finding them. On location CNA classes are all in competition with each other for students, so they generally try to offer weekend classes, night classes, and day classes so they can draw in the largest number of potential students. On location classes will provide you with both the bookwork portion and the hands on training required to complete your CNA training and move on to a promising career.

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