Top 3 Ways to Refresh Your CNA Training Skills and Find the Position You Want

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So, it’s been a little while since you last worked as a CNA. Perhaps you took some time off after having a baby. Maybe you simply went in a different career direction for a little while to make sure being a CNA was truly your calling. No matter what the circumstances, if you are thinking of rejoining the health care field after time away, you need to make sure your CNA training skills are up to par. After all, caring for patients is no easy task, and without the right skills, you may end up hurting yourself or them.

What steps should you take to make sure you are ready to reenter this rewarding career field, though?

Re-entering the Health Care Field After CNA Training

If you’ve been away from health care for a little while, want to refresh your CNA training skills, and make sure you are ready for your new position, here are a couple of guidelines to consider.

  • Determine Where you Want to Work- As a CNA, there are many different types of facilities you can find employment at, including hospitals, nursing homes, and group homes. In addition, many of these facilities have specialty floors and units, where you can work with one type of specific patient, like mothers-to-be, newborns, the elderly, and those needing emergency care. Before you head back into the health care field, make sure to take the time to sit down and really consider what facility and specialty your CNA training skills and your experience would suit best. Then, create a plan of action for entering that specialty or facility.
  • Catch Back Up- No matter what facility or specialty you choose, ensuring you have the proper knowledge and CNA training skills is essential. You can brush up on these skills by studying your old CNA training notes and textbooks, taking continued CNA training courses online or in person, and determining if any local colleges offer free hands-on refresher courses. These steps will not only be essential for reentering the medical field, but will also be crucial if you will need to retake the CNA training exam in order to renew your expired license.
  • Update Your Resume- Whether you took time off to care for your children or accepted a new position outside the health care field, when you are ready to re-enter the medical field you will need to update your resume. Make sure to include any new knowledge you have obtained. If you took steps to refresh your CNA training skills, make sure these are on the resume as well. Once you have finished updating your resume, recruit a professional and have them check it for an active voice, power words, and grammar.

After CNA Training: Be Ready For Your New Position

After months or even years away from the health care field, becoming a CNA once again can be very difficult for some. Make sure you are ready by using these steps to refresh the skills, knowledge, and confidence you gained during CNA training.

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