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Top 5 Shoes for the CNA Training Graduate | CNA Training Class

Top 5 Shoes for the CNA Training Graduate

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As strange as it sounds, one of the most important decisions a CNA training graduate will make is choosing the right shoes. After CNA training, you will spend long hours on your feet, standing on hard and unforgiving floors. Sometimes, you will have few, if any opportunities to sit down and give your poor, overworked feet a break. So, if you choose the wrong shoes, you could end your shifts with feet so tired and sore that you can barely walk.

The best shoes for a CNA training graduate are lightweight and comfortable. Since the floors you walk on might be slippery or slick, your shoes will need to be slip-resistant. Your shoes should also be easy to clean and disinfect.

Top 5 Shoes for the CNA Training Graduate

  • Skechers – While not made especially for those in the nursing profession, this brand is preferred by many a nurse and CNA training graduate. These shoes are durable, meaning they will last a long time, no matter how much of a beating your job gives them. They are also the perfect choice for the CNA training graduate who doesn’t like the look or style of traditional uniform shoes.
  • Dickies Duty -These shoes are slip-on, meaning you can put them on and take them off with a minimum of fuss. You won’t have to worry about tripping over untied shoelaces, because there aren’t any. The Dickies Duty brand also provides much-needed support. They have lightweight rubber soles that will flex with your feet, so they won’t take quite as much of a pounding from walking on hard floors all day long.
  • Nurse Mates -This is a popular brand of shoes made especially for those in the nursing profession. Made from full-green leather, they are extremely durable and long-lasting, which will cut down on replacement costs. The slip-resistant soles will also cut down on the chances that you will slip and fall while walking on a slippery floor. Nurse Mates are also available in many different styles, including lace-up, open-back, clog and slip-on.
  • Arcopedico – For the CNA training graduate looking for a clog-style work shoe, Arcopedico is a good option. They provide plenty of ventilation, so your feet won’t be as hot and sweaty at the end of a long day, and, like many of the best nursing shoes, they provide plenty of support, making the hours and hours you might have to spend on your feet a little easier to endure.
  • Avia Athletic – This is another good choice for the CNA who doesn’t want to wear traditional nursing shoes. The shoes made by Avia Athletic look more like running shoes than uniform shoes. These shoes are both stylish, and a bit more affordable than some of the other brands on the list. They are also comfortable. In fact, the specially designed soles act as shock absorbers, minimizing some of the punishment your feet can suffer after walking on hard floors all day.

For a CNA training graduate, choosing the right shoe can be something of a challenge. If you choose a shoe that is lightweight, comfortable, and slip-resistant, your feet will thank you.

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