Top Career Training Opportunities for 2012 – CNA Training Tops the List

cna trainingCNA Training – The Right Choice for 2012

CNA Training, is it right for you? If you’ve been considering a career as a skilled nursing assistant, there’s good news for your future. It is one of the most popular and needed positions to be filled in 2012.Why? There’s a couple of reasons for the nursing shortage in the United States.

CNA Training and the Nursing Shortage

First of all, if you weren’t aware of the nursing shortage, there definitely is one. Actually, it was first documented in 2000 when the demand for nursing professionals far exceeded the supply. This was measured in nurse to patient ratios. Hospitals, understaffed, were giving more responsibilities to the few certified nursing assistants, registered nurses, and licensed practicing nurses they had on staff. This caused a marked increase of patients for every nurse. The end result (as documented over a decade, from 2000 – 2010) was less quality and much more stress for the nurses on staff. Now, that’s just on a national level. Globally, the World Health Organization has estimated the nursing shortage to be over 4 million nurses, physicians and other health care workers worldwide. What does this mean for you? Bottom line, if you are thinking of CNA training and starting a new career, there’s no time like now.

CNA Training – What About the Economy?

With the economy in the state that it is and the unemployment rate tipping the scales at 10-11% in some cities nationally, CNA training is definitely a smart choice. Why? When times get tough and the nation has to pull their purse strings and close their wallets, there are several industries that continue to thrive. The health care field is one of them. Also, with new waves of baby boomers reaching retirement age each day since January 1, 2011, there will be more seniors with health care coverage, more seniors visiting their family physicians, and more seniors eventually making their way to adult care facilities. For you, the health care worker who has successfully completed your CNA training and has become a certified nursing assistant, this means job security.

If you are currently in a dead end job or an industry that is failing, such as retail sales, printing, newspaper, or any industry that can be considered a luxury, you may want to rethink your career. Even if you complete your CNA training in your spare time and have it under your belt “just in case.” That’s a smart move. You should always have a plan B. Remember, it’s usually much easier to get a job while you already have one then it is to find one when you truly need one. Why? Because of the stress level you are experiencing when you are in the middle of financial turmoil. Most people have much more confidence when they don’t really need the job. They present themselves in interviews as cool, confident, and rational individuals. This is exactly what a prospective employer is looking for. If you wait to take your CNA training until after you’ve lost your job, everything will be stressful and you may even have a hard time studying.

Our advice to you? If you are considering CNA training, go ahead and do it. You can never have too much education and your CNA training will provide you with clear options and alternatives to your current career.

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