Top Jobs for CNAs After CNA Training

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So, you graduated from CNA training. Now what? As a certified nursing assistant, you will be an in-demand member of the healthcare team. Upon graduating, you’ll be ready to join over 1.5 million other individuals who completed CNA training and are now employed across the country. Even with so many other CNAs out there, though, there are positions available in this field all the time.

You don’t want to choose just any old job after CNA training, though, do you? No, you want to find a job that will provide you with the experience and the pay you deserve. While many CNA positions are entry level, there are some positions that CNAs can fill, while still remaining subordinate to LPNs and Rns, that will afford you more earning potential and chances to excel in the medical field.

After CNA Training: Top Jobs for CNAs

Federal or State Government- Have you ever considered working for the government? After CNA training, finding a position on the state or federal level is an excellent way to put your CNA training skills to good use. You’ll have to be patient and have a good resume, however, as these positions are very limited and catch the interest of a lot of applicants. The best way to find out which positions are available for someone with your skills is by visiting your local Department of Health and Human Services. This is the agency that is in charge of handling the employment of government healthcare positions. They can put you on the right track and provide you with information about different agencies that might be able to accept your resume.

Universities- Did you know that CNAs can work at universities, colleges, and even technical schools? Many densely-populated campuses have emergency response centers on campus. Medical staff are hired to help evaluate and treat students who might need medical attention. As a CNA, you can work under the supervision of a nurse and perform a number of necessary duties, like taking vital signs. Working at this type of institution is an excellent option for those who have completed CNA training, especially if you are interested in furthering your education and career later on. You’ll also benefit from the ability to develop and grow your professional network and expose yourself to nurses and teachers who have a lot to teach you.

Hospitals- Second only to nursing homes, hospitals are the most common employers of CNA graduates. They are constantly in need of new and experienced CNAs, and are more than willing to offer competitive wages in order to get the help they need. Because they are larger facilities with around-the-clock care, most CNAs will have the opportunity to work in different fields of healthcare, work more flexible hours, and have the chance to learn from many different nurses.

Get a Top Position After CNA Training

Do you want your CNA training to lead you to a better place in your life? Make wise choices after you graduate and see what these top CNA jobs can do for you after CNA training.

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