Top Qualities of a CNA Training Instructor

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Are you interested in starting a career as a CNA training instructor? Most individuals who are in this position are nurses, either LPNs or RNs, who are successful in their field and have been working in nursing for quite a few years. Prior to teaching, they understand what it takes to care for patients and understand exactly what is required to work as a fantastic CNA.



However, a working knowledge, an education, and experience are not the only traits you will need if you want to start a career as a CNA training instructor.

Traits of a Great CNA Training Instructor


  • Patience- Patience is one of the most essential traits that a CNA training teacher must possess. Patience allows you to be more disciplined with yourself and with the students you teach. It can also help you overcome failures, discouragement, fear, and anxiety, which can not only help you become a better teacher, but is something you can pass on to your students during CNA training.


  • Emotional Intellect- Your job as a CNA training teacher is to help your students succeed in their studies and gain the knowledge necessary to pass the state exam. However, each student is different, and you must have the emotional intellect to assess what your students need and what they don’t. Some may need to be given more space to excel, while others may have special needs, and you may need to spend more time with them.


  • Dedication- When you work as an instructor of CNA training, you need to be dedicated to your work. Being a teacher is hard at times, and you need to be willing to put in the time and work necessary. You also need to be dedicated to what your work accomplishes. You are training CNAs to care for patients and making a big difference in the lives of patients everywhere. Don’t lose your spark.


  • Social Skills- While you don’t need to be the most vivacious flower in the garden that is nursing, you do need to be the master of the most basic social skills before you become a CNA training instructor. You will need to understand how to communicate with the students you teach and be able to manage even the most difficult individuals. You should be able to control your emotional responses, like anger and frustration, so you can provide your students with an environment that assists in their learning process.


  • Reflection- Everyone makes mistakes, and as a CNA training instructor, you must be able to identify mistakes you have made and reflect on them critically. This will allow you to figure out what went wrong and provide you with the information necessary to change the way you teach next time in order to avoid making those mistakes again.


  • Confidence- Being a teacher is difficult, but when you are a teacher of adults, it can be even tougher. After all, they are grown adults, with grown minds, so why should they listen to you? When you are a CNA training, you need to have the confidence to teach individuals who think this way and show them exactly why they need you in order to succeed as CNAs. Speak with confidence and don’t second guess yourself.


Be the Best CNA Training Instructor


There are several qualities that can help you become a fantastic instructor; make sure you have the traits necessary to teach others during CNA training.

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