Top Risk Factors for Getting Sick After CNA Training

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When you finish CNA training, you are going to be highly prepared to deal with and avoid germs that could wreak havoc on your immune system. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will take the precautions necessary to avoid getting sick or that your chances of becoming ill after CNA training are any less real.

After CNA training, there are several factors that lead to CNAs becoming ill, and, surprisingly enough, they can often be prevented!

After CNA Training: Why CNAs Get Sick

  1. Failing to Wash Our Hands- We may preach it, but that doesn’t mean we always practice it. Think about it for a moment. How many times have you forgotten to wash your hands when entering or leaving a patient’s room? Do you always wash your hands after handling items like blood pressure cuffs or O2 monitors? If you aren’t, you put yourself at risk for illnesses after CNA training.
  2. Sleeping too Little- Studies have proven that your immune system becomes weaker when you don’t get enough sleep. If you aren’t getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night, chances are your body is going to revolt.
  3. Extra Work- Yes, those additional 20 hours this week on your paycheck sure did wonders for paying your rent, but what impact did they make on your immune system? When you work too much after CNA training, your energy reserves deflate, leaving your immune system weak and open to infections.
  4. H2O- When you are rushing from one patient to another, barely sparing any time to take a break, drinking enough water may be the last thing on your mind. However, if you don’t want to have to deal with a urinary tract infection, it should be one of the first. Stay hydrated throughout the day; make drinking water a priority.
  5. Cleaning Your Stethoscope- Most medical facility provide alcohol swabs or bleach swabs for their CNAs to use on a daily basis for a reason: to clean your stethoscope. Failing to clean your stethoscope before and after using it on a patient not only means you risk germs wreaking havoc on your body after CNA training, but you also risk transferring germs from one patient to another.
  6. Using the Same Pen- If one of your patients is quarantined because of an illnesses he or she has or because of a weakened immune system, you can almost guarantee the room will have its own stethoscope and personal protective equipment. However, what about a writing device? If you are supposed to be charting input and output and bring in your own pen, you can compromise the quarantined patient’s health, your own health, and the health of your other patients with a simple writing utensil.
  7. Being Arrogant- Yes, after CNA training, you will often be exposed to nasty bugs and illnesses. However, don’t be arrogant and think this means you still can’t get the common cold!

Take Precautions After CNA Training

After CNA training, you are going to be vulnerable to diseases and illnesses, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it lying down. Understand what puts you at risk and take steps to prevent spreading and contracting germs after CNA training.

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