Topics Covered On Your CNA Training State Exam: Part One

cna trainingWhen you have reached the end of your CNA training, you will be expected to complete your CNA training state exam. There are two sections to this exam, a written section and a skills section. If you want to pass the written part of this test, you need to know what to expect. Here are some of the topics that are covered.

Topics On The CNA Training Written Exam

The amount of questions for each CNA training written exam will vary depending on the state you live in. Typically, there are less than 70 questions on each exam, and they are all multiple choice. Provisions are made for those who have difficulty reading the questions or who do not speak English as their first language. An oral exam may be used instead, and, for Spanish speaking students, a test is available in Spanish.

The written exam covers a variety of topics to test the knowledge of each student at the end of their CNA training. Here are a few topics you may come across.

CNA Training Exam – Patient Needs

  • Cleanliness- One of the first topics on your CNA training exam will be the cleanliness of your patients. Throughout your CNA training, you will be expected to learn how to properly bathe your patients, dress them, take care of dressings, and change their bed linens. During your written exam, this knowledge will test your knowledge with questions such as what to do if a patient refuses to take a shower.
  • Safety- Questions on the tests relating to safety often address what you should do if you come into a room and find a patient is not breathing or which position side rails should be in when you are not in the room with a patient. The test may also include questions concerning your safety, such as how to properly lift patients.

CNA Training Exam – Communication

  • Interacting With Patients- It can be difficult sometimes to interact with certain types of patients. Alzheimer patients, for instance, may not understand where they are or what they are doing at times. The CNA training exam will address this type of situation, and you will have to determine how to interact and respond.
  • Reporting To Your Nurse- There will be certain times during your career where you will need to turn to your nurse for direction. On the exam, there will be questions regarding certain situations in which you will have to decide if a nurse is needed.

CNA Training – Varied Topics

  • Patient’s rights- There are many rules and regulations regarding patient’s rights that you will learn during CNA training. On the exam, your knowledge of the HIPPA laws and OBRA will be tested. You may also be presented with difficult hypothetical situations, such as what you would do if you one of your coworkers and friends was neglecting or abusing a patient.
  • Infection Control- Controlling infections is a big part of the CNA job. During CNA training, you are taught different infection control techniques like washing your hands before and after every procedure and activity. The test will address these techniques, as well as your knowledge about the different types of infections you may experience during the course of your career.

If you want to pass your CNA training written exam, make sure you are know what topics will be addressed on the exam.

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