Typical Hospital Interview Questions After CNA Training

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So, you’ve just completed CNA training and you’ve already started putting in applications are various hospitals in your area. You’re confident you’ll get a call back any day now and be invited to come in for your first interview. The only problem is- are you prepared?


Interviews, especially those for hospitals jobs after CNA training, can be nerve wracking to say the least. Unlike nursing homes and other medical facilities, hospitals offer a variety of positions for CNAs. You may end up taking care of geriatric patients, but you could also be working with new mothers, children, and individuals with special needs. Some of the interview questions you’ll be asked in a hospital interview will be generic, but some will help the hiring manager determine where in the hospital you want to be and what open position you’ll work best in.

Interview Questions After CNA Training

There are a variety of interview questions you’ll be asked after CNA training. Here are a few of the most common you’ll receive when looking for a hospital CNA position.

  • What duties and responsibilities do CNAs have in a hospital? Your interviewer wants to know that you understand what you’ll be doing should you receive a hospital position after CNA training. A good answer should include duties like monitoring patient conditions, checking vital signs, transferring patients from bed to wheelchair and vice versa, and helping patients maintain hygiene and health.
  • What would you do if there was an emergency? Depending on the type of emergency, your answer would vary here. It’s asked to determine whether or not you have the skills to analyse a situation and react quickly.
  • What qualities and strengths do you have? As you prepare for your first interview after CNA training, consider this question very carefully.  The strengths and qualities you list should be beneficial to your job at the hospital. Are you a good people person? Do you have excellent analytical skills? Do you adapt quickly to different surroundings? The answers you give will help the hiring manager determine where you might fit in best at the hospital.
  • Where do you see yourself in a year? Are you confident in your ability as a CNA? Do you think you’ll take continued CNA training or start on the path to becoming a nurse? Your answer should show that you intend to reach for more after a year of experience after CNA training.
  • What vital tests are CNAs allowed to permit on patients? This question is asked to determine whether or not you really paid attention during CNA training. It is also asked to protect the hospital; they can get in serious trouble if you step outside your scope of practice. By asking this question, they can determine if you know what you are supposed to do, and what you aren’t. You should answer: blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature, oxygen level.

Hospital Interviews After CNA Training

If you’ve already begun applying for hospital positions, make sure to take the time and be ready for that first interview. It may be nerve wracking, but the answers you give could mean the difference between obtaining a position and waiting longer for another interview after CNA training.

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