Unique Study Tips for ADD CNA Training Students

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If you have ADD, or attention deficit disorder, you know how hard retaining information and studying can be. If you’ve entered CNA training, however, you know you want to do your best to ensure you pass with flying colors. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to increase retention when you’re studying.

Studying During CNA Training

  • Flash Cards- While flash cards may be old school, they still work and can be beneficial during CNA training. The more senses you involve in the process of studying, the more likely are to remember what you’re learning. Read the material you need to remember, write it on the flash car, then say it out loud for the most effective approach.
  • Record it- Bring a recording device into your CNA training class and record the lecture given by your CNA training instructor. Then, when you need to study, replay the device over and over again. The great thing about this tip is that it can be done almost anywhere. For instance, you could play the recording while you’re waiting at the dentist’s office or even when you’re driving down the road. The sheer repetition will help you retain the information better.
  • Walk- Can’t standing sitting down to study without fidgeting? Lose focus when you’re reading your CNA training notes? Try walking around. It will help you let loose some of that restless energy and remain more focused on the task at hand.
  • Study in Increments- One of the biggest roadblocks you’ll encounter if you have ADD while going through CNA training is that your attention span isn’t long enough to accomplish long study periods. So, don’t try to. Schedule shorter time increments in which to study and take breaks in-between.
  • Rewrite Your Notes- If you’re the type of person who remembers things best when you write them over and over again, then write your notes again completely.
  • Read Your Notes- If writing doesn’t really help you remember what you need to during CNA training, consider taking a different approach. For instance, once your notes are written down, read them out loud and record them. Like recording the teacher’s lecture, this can help you recall what you’ve learned.
  • Get out of the House- Having trouble studying at home? Your house may be full of distractions, like your favorite TV show or that load of laundry that needs to be done. So get out and find another place to study in peace and quiet. Some students go to libraries, others to parks. Some even just study in their cars.
  • Get Organized- If you’re experiencing trouble focusing on your CNA training, it’s is time to get organized. Grab your highlighters, note cards, and post-it notes. By using these colorful organizational items, you can keep things structured, which can help you study more effectively.

Studying During CNA Training

ADD and studying are difficult to mix together, but with these tips you can easily overcome any problems you might have on your way to graduating from CNA training.

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