Using Social Media Study Groups for Supercharged CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training and Social Media

Social media. It permeates every part of our lives, right? So, why shouldn’t it seep into CNA training as well? If you’re a Facebook junkie in particular, you’ll love these innovative ways to ramp up your old, boring CNA training study habits. Take a look and let us know how you’re using Social Media to make CNA training more fun, exciting, and actually enjoying the memorization and study process:

Facebook and CNA Training

In this article, we’re only going to cover Facebook, because we feel this avenue of social media has the most opportunities for those looking to enhance their CNA training experience.

  • Start a CNA Training Students Page: That’s right, there’s a page for everything else. Niche individuals converge together for the love of dogs, politics, gardening, and stand up paddle boarding. There’s absolutely no reason why CNA training students shouldn’t be able to find each other and study or discuss topics, such as the CNA training exam, on Facebook. If you aren’t sure how to create a Facebook Page, there are plenty of tutorials. Simply Google “how to create a Facebook Page.” If you’re a visual learner like I am, you can Google, “Youtube how to create a Facebook Page” and you’ll have instructions via video. Once you have your CNA training students Facebook Page up, you can get other CNA training students to join by adding a link to your page in the comment section of CNA training websites and blogs (such as this one!)
  • Start a CNA Training Students Group: Looking for other CNA training students in your area? Maybe you want to plan a study group or a get together. Maybe you simply want to connect with other people who are doing the same thing you are. Perfect! Start a CNA Training Students Group and invite your Facebook friends to join. Ask the to be on the lookout for other CNA training students and to direct them to your group. What can they find once they join? You can plan study sessions at a nearby location, or provide information on local resources, such as the Red Cross in your area that may be holding free CNA training classes. Once you graduate from CNA training, you can still keep the group alive by posting job openings and places where CNA’s can obtain their CEU’s. You never know what you can start with one little Facebook group. It may really take off!
  • Partnering CNA training Students for Study Time: Maybe you know about CNA training students who need tutoring from recent graduates or even from official CNA training instructors. Facebook is also a great way to facilitate these connections. If you’ve already got a large database of Facebook friends, it will be easy to simply post a call for an instructor/tutor on your Facebook wall. Helping others not only will make you feel good but it will help you make lifelong connections that can help you succeed in your new career.

Amazing all the things you can accomplish with social media that is directly related to CNA training, isn’t it? We’d like to hear your comments on this one. Let us know how Facebook has helped you with your CNA training or career opportunities.

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