Using Temporary Staffing Agencies After Career Training

cna trainingCNA Training and Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing agencies have come a long way. If you still have the mindset that temporary jobs are low pay and will take you on an unproductive journey where you’ll be moved from one location to the next day after day, without any real consistency in your life, you should take another look. We spoke to several temporary staffing services about CNA training graduates and the types of positions they offer. Let’s take a look:

From CNA Training to Temporary Employee

In order to make full use of a temporary staffing service, it’s best to approach them while you’re still taking your CNA training classes. Why? Because most staffing agencies today conduct thorough background and reference checks. This process generally takes at least a week to complete. If you wait until your CNA training classes are completed, you’ll lose a week or more while you’re waiting for your paperwork to be processed and background checks to come in. Instead, by taking the proactive approach, the staffing service can literally have a temporary position waiting for you as soon as you finish your CNA training.

Another good tip is to use the temporary agency as a safety net. What we mean by this is, don’t stop looking for a full time position on your own just because you’re using a temporary staffing service. Temp agencies are generally not aware of all the open positions. They partner with certain facilities who pay them to find qualified applicants for short term work (a few days, a week or sometimes longer). These positions are generally open because of vacations. temporary leaves of absence, or employees who suddenly leave without warning. This means there may still be open positions you can apply for at other medical facilities who have not partnered with temporary agencies.

Temp to Perm After CNA Training? Yes, It Happens

Don’t rule out temporary agencies when it comes to finding full time employment after CNA training. Often, if you are placed on a job for a period of time (let’s say a week) and you really show that you are a hard working, knowledgeable employee who takes pride in his or her work, you’ll be considered for a full time position if and when it becomes available. According to the staffing services we interviewed, many temporary employees turn into full time positions, and some even do so with their first placement.

Working with a staffing service after CNA training can also allow you to test out certain facilities to see if they are a good fit for you. Remember, the interview process works both ways. The medical facility is observing to see if you are a good candidate, but at the same time, you should be aware of the medical facility to determine if it is the type of environment you would choose for a full time, permanent career.

Using a temporary service after CNA training can open doors for you that you may never have considered. If you are currently enrolled in CNA training classes, call a few temporary staffing agencies today. They can help you find the right career fit for you.

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