What About Your Morals? CNA Training and Tough Decisions

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Everyone has their breaking point, as well as their morals. After CNA training (well, actually DURING CNA training) you’ll want to determine where you stand on some of the issues you may witness after CNA training. By setting your moral compass very purposefully, you’ll be able to avoid the guilt and feelings of bitterness and disillusionment you may end up with later, that is, if you don’t decide where you stand before CNA training.

What do I mean by this? I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a look at some of the places you could end up working and a few of the situations you may encounter that may not be acceptable to you.

CNA Training – Moral Decisions

As a CNA training graduate myself, I remember my first job. I worked at a home for the developmentally disabled of all ages. It seemed like the perfect job. I loved working with people and figured this would be an amazing opportunity. What I encountered was more than I had bargained for, as well as something CNA training never prepared me for. The facility I worked for had residents from all different family situations and I quickly noticed a huge flaw in the center. The residents who had regular visitors or who were located on the wing that was regularly visited by guests was pretty normal, and nice. On the other hand, the wing (actually the end of the wing) where the violent residents lived was quite the opposite. Horribly gloomy, isolated and dark, it was like being in prison. The facility didn’t have a good plan for more violent residents so they were often restrained. Less care was given to them, –noticeably less.

As I said, my CNA training never prepared me for this, but it was then and there that I had to make my decisions. I had to set my moral compass. I would not tolerate or be a part of anything that was wrong in my own eyes, even if it was normal for the facility I was employed with. I also made the decision to quickly report anything I saw that even hinted at abuse or neglect. My obligation was to my patients, not to the facility that signed my paycheck.

This is obviously the right decision but unfortunately not one that every CNA training graduate makes. That’s why it’s so vital to decide where you stand beforehand. Here are some other issues that might get your blood boiling. Decide where you stand beforehand.

CNA Training Graduate Issues

  • Drunk driver’s in the emergency room
  • Abortion clinics
  • Battery victims
  • Substance abuse victims

I’ve also known CNA training graduates who worked with Hope Hospice that couldn’t handle the way Hospice allows the patient to die.
You’ll be faced with many issues as a CNA training graduate.

Can you think of any other issues you may face and be uncomfortable with during or after  CNA training?
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