What Financial Aid, Grants or Scholarships are Available for CNA Training?

cna training If you can not afford your CNA training, you may be feeling a little discouraged. After all, this is the job you have always dreamed of. While it may seem like there is little hope for you to pay for your CNA training, there are several options you can take advantage of to help you afford your schooling.

Help With Your CNA Training

CNAs are in high demand, so there are many types of financial aid available for those who to complete this training. A great place to begin looking for help paying for your CNA training is the financial aid department of your school. Many times, the individuals who work in this department can easily help you find scholarships and grants that may cover part or all of your CNA training cost.

Here are just a few of the grants and scholarships available that you may be able to take advantage of.

Scholarships and Grants Available for CNA Training

  • Workforce Investment Act- The workforce investment act (WIA) was created specifically to help individuals obtain employment. If you have been unemployed for quite a while and are interested in earning your CNA certification, you may be able to visit your nearest workforce office and apply for CNA training. If you qualify under this act, you will be able to obtain training for free.
  • Opportunity Grants- If you are not eligible for financial aid, you may still be able to qualify for CNA training grants. While the eligibility for these grants varies depending on where you live, most of the grants require you to have a low income and attend training at a community college. The financial aid office at your community college will be able to assist you in determining if this type of grant is available and if you qualify for this free money.
  • Disability Grants- If you are disabled, visit your local workforce office to see if you qualify for a disability grant. Many states offer this type of grant for CNA training to those who are disabled and can not afford training on their own.
  • Brooks Dean Memorial Scholarship- The Arizona Medical Training Institute offers Arizona residents with low income the ability to undergo CNA training. In order to qualify, you must live in Arizona and be willing to work as a CNA after your training is complete.
  • US Department of Health and Human Services- The US Department of Health and Human Services works with over a hundred universities and colleges to provide financial aid to those who wish to begin their CNA training.
  • Employers- Many employers who employ CNAs offer tuition assistance or scholarships to those who wish to complete their CNA training. Often, these employers will provide help with tuition to employees who work for them or to individuals who are willing to sign a contract committing to work for the medical institution for a particular length of time after they have completed their training.

If you cannot afford to begin your CNA training, don’t give up hope. With the right grants, scholarships, and financial aid, you will have your CNA training behind you before you know it.

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