What If I Fail The CNA Training Exam?

cna trainingExcited students complete their CNA training only to be faced with the possibility of failing the CNA training exam. This can be a terrifying reality that many do not want to face because without passing this examination they are ineligible for employment. This certification, also known as the National Nurse’s Aide Assessment Program, evaluates each individual as to their knowledge, ability and skill level so that they can safely accomplish the job they are called to do.

How Does the CNA Training Examination Work?

There are two basic components involved in the CNA training evaluation. One portion is hands-on and the other is wither written or oral. Both portions are given on the same day and must both be passed in order for the student’s name to be placed on the Nurses Aide Registry. This allows them to be employed by hospitals and other medical facilities around the country. The exact scores and tests will vary slightly from one state to the next. Anyone who has completed their CNA training has the opportunity to pass the certification tests.

The written examination contains an estimated seventy questions and must be passed by a certain percentage determined by that state. For those who are not proficient in the English language, an oral examination may be possible. The hands-on section of the CNA training exam requires students to perform a total of five separate actions. These are chosen from a standard list of the twenty-five main functions of a certified nursing assistant. All functions are chosen randomly by qualified instructors and evaluated by such.

Specific Skills to Hone for the CNA Training Examination

The best way to keep from failing the examination to start with is to practice, practice, practice. Here are a few skills in which to work on and perfect.

  • Correct hand cleansing procedure
  • Make an bed that is occupied
  • Clean patient’s dentures
  • Using belt transfer when assisting ambulate
  • Removing or donning gown and gloves
  • Assisting with use of bedpan
  • Give a modified version of bed bath
  • Use belt transfer to assist movement from bed to wheelchair
  • Provision of perinea and catheter care for female patients
  • Ability to put on a single knee-high elastic stocking
  • Feed patient that is unable to feed themselves
  • Monitor and record patient’s respiratory rate
  • Weigh then record in file of ambulatory patient
  • Monitor and record patient’s radial pulse
  • Provide basic hygiene care for mouth, feet and fingernails
  • Take note and record the urinary output and blood pressure of patient
  • Repositioning of patient
  • Provide basic exercises for knee, ankle, or shoulder to keep a good range of motion

Options If You Fail the CNA Training Exam

If a person fails the CNA training exam then it is possible to retake that particular portion of the test. If both sections were a total wreck then trainees can take both of them. If only one portion was affected then the student has two more times to pass. This is the case in most, but not all, states. Check with the state board to be sure. If all three times are a big failure then the student is required to go back to school for what those in the CNA training industry call “retraining”. Once this is accomplished, the exam “slate” is wiped clean and students are given three more attempts to pass.

We hope this information has been helpful as you prepare for your CNA training exam!



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