What Impact Will You Make After CNA Training?

cna trainingCNA Training

After CNA training, you are going to have the privilege to work with many different patients. Some of these patients you may even see more than once, especially if they have chronic health conditions and need to visit your facility frequently or their acute illness requires them to spend weeks or months in the hospital. Other patients you will see only for a brief moment before they are discharged, leaving you with only a smile and a fond memory.


When you finish CNA training, you will soon learn that each and every patient makes an impact on your life, and you will make an impact on theirs. In fact, there are some patients that are just going to adore you. However, sometimes when you are rushing around, trying to provide help to every patient on your service, it may be difficult to see which patients love having you take care of them after CNA training


After CNA Training: Do Your Patients Love You?


  • Encouragement- We all have bad days, and while we would like to avoid them, it is on those days that we are given the most memorable appreciation. You are never going to forget a patient saying ‘thank you’ when you feel as if you are failing horribly at your job after CNA training; it raises your spirits and gives you the confidence you need.


  • Gifts- Most medical facilities have policies regarding gift-giving by patients to CNAs. However, while it might be awkward to have to turn down a gift offered by one of your patients or their family members, the fact that they appreciate you so much will make your day.


  • Food- While many medical facilities frown on patients giving CNAs money, personal trinkets, or expensive items as gifts, many are less stringent when it comes to food, especially if the patient is nice enough to treat your coworkers as well. If your patients takes the time to bake for you or even just buy you a soda from the vending machine, you will know just how much of an impact you have made on their lives after CNA training, regardless of whether your facility allows you to accept it or not.


  • Thank You Notes- After CNA training, you will be in the business of saving lives. You are the first line of defense in the medical field, because you spend the majority of your time with patients. It is often a thankless job, so a thank you note or a phone call can let you know that you aren’t invisible and that you are doing a fantastic job providing the best care for your patients.


  • Hugs- While some believe hugs push the boundaries of professionalism, hugs from a patient feel wonderful and tell you that you are truly appreciated.


Adoration From Patients After CNA Training


When you are done with CNA training and begin working at a medical facility, you may worry about the impact you are actually making and wonder if you matter at all. You do, though, and many of your patients will take the time and put in the effort to show you exactly how they feel after CNA training.

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