What to do if a Student is Cheating During CNA Training

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It’s inevitable. At one point or another, you’re going to come across individuals in your life that don’t follow the rules. These individuals may serve you meals at your favorite restaurant, may work with you, and, yes, they may even be a fellow student in your CNA training class. One of the most difficult problems you may have if they are a student in your class is if you figure out that they are cheating. In CNA training, cheating isn’t something that is tolerated by most instructors. Why? Because if a student cheats and is able to pass their CNA training exam, they could go on to work with patients. If they didn’t know the material well enough to pass the test on their own merits, they definitely won’t know how to maintain a career that is dependent on that knowledge.

So, what do you do if you find out that another student is cheating? Do you say something or just ignore it?

Cheating and CNA Training: What to do

  • Code of Conduct- The first step to take is reading the code of conduct that you were given (and most likely had to sign) at the beginning of your CNA training class. If you weren’t given one, the code of conduct, or a similar set of rules may be available in your student handbook or on your syllabus. These instructions will let you know what your obligations are, and what could happen if you don’t report what you know. They will also instruct you on who to report the cheating to and how to report it.
  • Talk to Your Instructor- If no code of conduct is available, speak to your instructor immediately about the cheating, but don’t mention the name of the classmate. Just gather any information necessary from them about what to do. Find out if you will need to file a formal written complaint, whether the suspected CNA training student will be told your name when he is accused, and who else you’ll need to talk to about the situation.
  • Be Comfortable- If you aren’t obligated to report the cheating, now is the time to look to yourself to determine what you’re comfortable with. Are you comfortable just sitting back and not saying anything? Would you be okay if this person went on to complete CNA training and begin working with real patients? Or would you be more comfortable reporting them so that they would be required to learn the material like everyone else?
  • Take Action- Once you’ve had a chance to consider your options and determine what your CNA training class has to say about cheating, take action. It will be up to you whether or not you report the student for his cheating. However, keep in mind that you could be putting the lives of future patients at risk if you knowingly let it slide.

Report Cheating During CNA Training

Cheating may be difficult to deal with when you’re a student in CNA training. However, these classes are part of your future career. Don’t let one individual keep you from concentrating on what you need to be learning in order to succeed in life. If you’re face with a cheater, figure out what you need to do and talk to your instructor so you can have a clear conscious while you finish CNA training.

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