Life After CNA Training – What if You Didn’t Opt For Job Placement?

cna trainingCNA Training and Careers – Job Placement

So, you’re fresh out of CNA training. You passed the course and now you’re ready to start a new, exciting career as a CNA. One small problem. You didn’t choose CNA training classes that guaranteed job placement after the successful completion of the CNA training course. Bad move? Maybe not. Although you won’t move right from licensure into a position, let’s look at the bright side:

The Pros of CNA Training Without Job Placement

  • First, you don’t have to work for a nursing facility that you don’t believe in. I remember my first job after CNA training. I was guaranteed placement and they put me in a center for the developmentally disabled of all ages. The work, I absolutely loved. The staff, the lack of support, and the low pay, –I definitely could have done without. If you do decide on CNA training with guaranteed job placement, be sure to question the recruiter as to what facilities they have agreements with and check them out first. Job placement may not be as much of a perk as you think.
  • Second, you’ll more than likely find a higher paying job than you would receive if placed right out of CNA training by your educational facility. The CNA training centers often make hiring deals with local facilities who have a high turnover or have a difficult time recruiting CNA training graduates on their own. You need to ask yourself why. Remember, the interview process for your new career isn’t just about someone hiring you. It’s also about you deciding if the medical facility is one that you’ll feel comfortable working for and can believe in. If you can’t believe in the place you have to spend 8 or more hours each day, it’s definitely not going to work out for you.
  • Third, you’re CNA training was probably less expensive just because of the fact that there is no guaranteed job placement. It’s true. Even the CNA training facilities who offer low wage job placement use this as a tool to recruit CNA students, and they definitely factor that little perk into the fee they charge.

So, now that we’ve listed the potential benefits of opting out of CNA training that guarantees job placement, let’s work on your hiring strategy a little bit. You’re fresh out of CNA training, probably not very confident in your new skill set, and have no experience to take to a potential employer. What can you do?

One of the best ways to land that first position after CNA training is to let your potential new employer see your personality and your eagerness to be a part of their team. Be sure to research the facility you’re interested in and make an appointment to meet with the director or someone in the HR department. Instead of being just a paper or electronic application sitting on a stack, if there is a way for you to put a name and face with your application, that will definitely give you the upper hand.

Be the best version of yourself, get out there and make connections, and don’t settle for the lowest possible pay. You have a new skill set and you’re now a valuable member of the medical community!

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