What Topics WIll Be Covered in CNA Training?

cna trainingCNA Training Course Basics

So, you’re thinking about taking CNA training classes but you’re curious what topics will be covered? Don’t worry, almost everyone who is willing to apply themselves will be able to pass the final exam. There’s nothing too difficult in your CNA training topics. No Algebra, no difficult formulas to memorize. The most difficult portion of your CNA training will be any medical terminology you may not be familiar with, but with a bit of study and memorization on flash cards, you’ll be able to pass that as well.

If you still want to know what topics will be covered, keep reading. Here’s your basic CNA training course outline.

CNA Training Course Topics Covered in Training

Your basic CNA Training program will consist of two types of training. You’ll be given classroom and textbook instructions where you’ll be responsible for learning theory and basic medical skills. The second portion of your CNA training will include lab work where you’ll be directly involved in hands on training. You’ll learn things like the correct procedure for moving patients, how to take vital signs, CPR and basic first aid as well as other procedures you’ll be required to perform.

Below is a list that includes some of the topics you can expect to learn during your  CNA Training program:

  • Proper hygiene skills along with procedures to prevent and control the spread of disease and reduce the probability of infection
  • Proper patient safety procedures
  • Patient rights, including the right to refuse basic care and treatment
  • Proper and ethical communication to patients and medical professionals
  • Various feeding methods for patients, which range from assisting a patient to feed themselves to tube feeding procedures
  • Recognizing and dealing with common ailments
  • CPR and basic life support procedures
  • How to correctly take and record a patients vital signs
  • Keeping records, documentation, and patient confidentiality laws
  • How to correctly move a patient without injury to yourself or the patient
  • Children and special needs patients
  • Recognizing and preventing bed sores
  • Range of motion and physical therapy
  • Dressing, toileting, and grooming
  • Dealing with stress on the job

These are the main topics you will learn. Depending on what state you are taking your CNA training in, there can be a variation of topics due to the different duties a certified nursing assistant may be required to perform in particular states.

Other variations between states include course length and the amount of clinical instructions you will be required to complete. For example, California and Maine have the highest number of required instruction hours and clinical training. Maine requires 180 and California requires 160 hours of training.

Most CNA Training programs will provide more than enough training by the time your course is complete. Your CNA training course will allow you to successfully complete the required number of hours and generally include at least a couple of hours of extra review to go over procedures and questions the students may have.

For more information on CNA training requirements in your state and what your class will offer, contact the training location where your CNA training will be held.

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