What You Should Know About Accelerated CNA Training Programs

cna trainingCNA Training

Individuals who have completed CNA training and are certified as nursing assistants are professionals who work under the supervision of LPNs, RNs, and doctors. Becoming a certified nursing assistant has become a very popular career choice for those who wish to enter into the medical field. This is because most CNA courses do not require a long period of time for completion, are relatively inexpensive, with many free options available, and nursing assistants can begin working in many different medical facilities as soon as they have finished their CNA training.

While CNA training courses are short, the majority will still last between four and twelve weeks. Accelerated CNA training programs are available though, which will provide you with all the information you need to know to become a CNA and care for patients, but through condensed course work and a shorter period of time. Some of these accelerated CNA training courses can take plan in just two weeks.


If you are interested in beginning your new life as a CNA as quickly as possible, an accelerated course may be the best option for you. In the following article, we will discuss the elements of this type of CNA training and how it could work for you.


The Difference Between a Traditional and Accelerated CNA Training Course


As stated above, the main difference between a traditional and accelerated CNA training program is the length of time required for completion. However, this difference affects the way an accelerate program is completed.


When you take an accelerated CNA class, you are required to complete the same federally and state mandated coursework and credit hours as a traditional class. However, with this type of program, the courses you take will be more comprehensive and intense. You will still learn how to provide basic life support, control infection, take vital signs, and perform all of the duties you will be required to perform after you have completed CNA training. The skills, however, will be taught to you hastily, although your education will not be compromised.


In order to learn everything necessary to become a CNA, you must be ready to commit to the CNA training program full time. The majority of these programs require would-be CNAs to spend five days a week, learning and understand what is necessary to work in the health care field so they can complete all of the required credit hours.


For this reason, most accelerated CNA training programs are attended by individuals who are fast learners, who can work well under pressure, and those who are currently unemployed and are able to commit to the rapid pace and stringent hours. Those who are able to take an extended leave of absence from their current employment may also find this type of CNA training program helpful.


CNA Training: The Fast Lane for Your Career


If you want to begin your new career quickly, accelerated CNA training can be a quick and simple way to enter the medical field. Make sure you are ready for the commitment however, as the pace will be fast and you will be required to attend the courses every day in order to complete your CNA training.

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