Where can I Find CNA Training Classes?

cna trainingCNA Training

One of the hardest decisions you’ll make on the path toward your new career is where you’ll need to take CNA training classes. You’ll have a variety of options. CNA training is generally available at local colleges, vocational schools, and online. Several programs may be available in your area. You simply need to make sure they are all accredited before making your decision.

The curriculum taught is usually the same, no matter where you decide to take your CNA training, but it may be taught in various ways. The best way to determine which CNA course you’ll attend is to find one you’re comfortable with.

Below are a few tips on what each location may offer.

CNA Training: Available Locations

Community Colleges

Community colleges are more traditional locations for student to attend CNA training. Some of their benefits include:

  • Most are accredited properly through the state
  • Many boast high success rates for graduates who go on to take their CNA training exam
  • Community colleges are generally close to most students
  • Tuition fees are usually low

Despite the positives, there are some negatives to choosing community colleges for CNA training.

  • The ratio of students to teachers is usually high
  • CNA classes may fill up more quickly, so if you don’t get in fast, you may have to wait
  • CNA training may take longer at a community college

Vocational Schools

Vocational schools or technical schools are popular for students who want to take CNA courses. The positives of attending these courses include:

  • Many are accelerated so you can begin working faster
  • Both online and campus courses are typically offered
  • In general, most students pass their certification exam

Some of the negative attributes associated with vocational school CNA training include:

  • The courses may be too fast for you to learn what you need to learn successfully
  • Not all are accredited
  • The quality of the curriculum and the program often depends on the school you attend

Online CNA Training

Over the past few years, online CNA training has become more popular than ever. Here’s why.

  • They are generally less expensive than many other programs
  • They allow you to study at your own pace
  • Class schedules are extremely flexible

Some of the negatives of online CNA courses are:

  • Less personal time with the teacher and other students
  • You will have to coordinate your own lab time and clinical training
  • Online CNA courses aren’t always accredited, so you’ll have to determine yourself if they are

What About Free CNA Training?

Free CNA training is also available from many organizations like the American Red Cross. You can also obtain free CNA training through certain medical facilities who are willing to train you in exchange for your services at their facility once you graduate.

Becoming a CNA is a tough decision, but if you feel like it is the best career choice for you, make sure you think carefully about what type of school you’ll receive your CNA training from.

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