Where to Find Free CNA Training in Montana

cna trainingFree CNA Training

Have you ever considered undergoing CNA training? If you are ready for fresh start and a new career, becoming a CNA may be the perfect option for you. As a nursing assistant, you will be able to provide personal care for patients in many different health care settings, including home health, nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living facilities.


If CNA training sounds like a fantastic choice for you, and you live in Montana, you may be able to avoid paying tuition and obtain CNA training for free. While many of Montana’s courses cost anywhere between $100 and $1,000 dollars, free CNA training is available through certain programs and facilities, making your new career more accessible than ever.

Finding Free CNA Training in Montana


  • Displaced Homemakers Program- Displaced homemakers are individuals worked as homemakers, but who have divorced or whose spouses have passed away, become disabled, or have become unemployed. These homemakers need employment quickly in order to support themselves and their families after these unexpected changes, and the Displaced Homemakers Program in Montana can help. If you are a displaced homemaker, find out if you qualify for free CNA training by applying with this organization. They may be able to help you obtain the CNA training to begin your new career.
  • St. John’s Lutheran Ministries- This organization provides prospective CNAs with 80 hours of clinical and classroom courses and is considered to be a program that was designed for the express benefit of the community. The Ministry is located in Billings, Montana and provides free, state approved CNA training that can be used to obtain certification after completion. While the cost of the program is $195, this cost will be refunded to you if you agree to work for the organization for six months after you complete your CNA training. For more information and specific details on how you can apply and become a part of this free CNA training option, please contact St. John’s Lutheran Ministries at 406-655-5627.
  • Broadwater Health Center- Free CNA training is available through this health care facility for individuals who are caring, competent, and have a passion for working with others. For more information, visit the facility’s website at http://broadwaterhealthcenter.com/employmentopportunities. You may also be able to contact them by telephone at 406-266-3186.
  • Nursing Homes- While the following nursing homes do not provide CNA training themselves, many will pay for the cost of your training if you are willing to work at their facility for a certain amount of time under contract.


- Beartooth Manor- Columbus, Montana

- Awe Kualawaache Care Center- Crow Agency, Montana

- Eastern Montana Veterans Home- Glendive Montana

- Friendship Villa Care Center- Miles City, Montana

- Hillside Manor- Missoula, Montana

- Lake View Care Center- Bigfork, Montana

- Valley View Home- Glasgow, Montana

- Whitefish Care and Rehabilitation Center- Whitefish, Montana


Please contact each of these nursing homes to learn more about the training they provide and the specific requirements they have for those who apply.


Obtain Your Free CNA Training Today


If you live in Montana and want to become a CNA, the cost of tuition shouldn’t even factor into your decision. There are many different opportunities available in this state to help you live your dream and afford your CNA training.

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