Where to Find Free CNA Training in Pennsylvania

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If you live in Pennsylvania and wish to become a certified nursing assistant, you must complete an approved CNA training program and take the state exam to earn your certification. While the majority of CNA training course in this state cost only a few hundred dollars, this can still be a costly expense if you are unemployed, underemployed, or living paycheck to paycheck.  Fortunately, the state of Pennsylvania offers several different CNA training opportunities that you can take advantage of at little to no cost.


If you are looking for free CNA training in Pennsylvania, consider the following options.



Where to Find Free CNA Training in Pennsylvania


  • Holy Redeemer Lafayette- At certain times throughout the year, this facility provides free CNA training to individuals who wish to join the medical career. Vaccinations and a background check are required, but while a GED or high school diploma is preferred, it is not mandatory for you to have in order to qualify for the program. There is a waiting list, so it is essential to contact them as quickly as possible. You can call or visit them at:


8580 Verree Road

Philadephia, Pennsylvania 19111

Phone: 215-214-2800

Website: https://www.healthcaresource.com


  • Sugarcreek Station- This long term care facility and rehabilitation center occasionally offers free CNA training. Positions are subject to approval, and you must meet certain requirements before you are accepted for the paid training. For more information, visit or call them at:


351 Causeway Drive

Franklin, Pennsylvania 16323

Phone: 814-437-0100


  • Lehigh Valley Health Network- If you have a passion for helping individuals and are looking for a way to obtain free CNA training, you may want to consider the Lehigh Valley Health Network. This facility offers paid training at various times during the year. The training consists of 12 weeks of full time work and training. Certain requirements, including becoming employed in the facility after CNA training, are required, so please contact them for more information at:


Cedar Crest & I-78

Allentown, Pennsylvania 18105


  • Baptist Homes- Located in Mt. Lebanon, this facility offers 10 training positions during the year. In order to qualify for this CNA training program, you must have a background check, pass a drug test, and have your GED or high school diploma. This is a paid training program; you will receive $9 a hour while you are training and then $10 an hour once you have passed the state test and obtained your certification. Call them at 412-563-6550 for more information.


  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center- If you are looking for free CNA training in your area, you might want to consider the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. They can not only provide you with a three week training course at no cost to you, but will provide you with all of the study materials and textbooks you need for free as well. Once you complete this training course, you may be able to work at Seneca, Cranberry, Heritage, and Canterbury. Visit them online for information.

Obtain Your Free CNA Training in Pennsylvania Today!


If you want to begin a new career as a CNA, but can’t afford the cost, consider these options for CNA training today!

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