Where to Find Free CNA Training in Tennessee

cna trainingCNA Training for Free

There are more than 100 CNA training programs in Tennessee that have been approved by the state and can be used by you to become a certified nursing assistant. While the majority of these programs cost between $100 and $1,000 to attend, you may be able to obtain your CNA training no cost through several of the programs available by this state. In the following article, we will discuss where CNA training is available for free and how you can obtain it to start your new career in the health care industry.

Free CNA Training Programs in Tennessee


  • Grants and Scholarships- Tennessee has many universities and community colleges that offer CNA training and are approved by the state for individuals wishing to obtain certification. The majority of these programs offered through continuing education facilities are eligible for scholarships, grants, and financial aid. Depending on your current income, your previous education, and your willingness to search for grants and scholarships you are eligible for, you may be able to receive enough funding for your CNA training to attend to these programs at absolutely no cost to you.


  • High Schools- Like many other states, Tennessee has many high schools that provide training to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who wish to start their career as soon as they graduate and are not interested in continuing their education in college. You may be able to undergo CNA training for free if you attend a public high school in this state that offers this type of career readiness program.


  • Reimbursement- If you have already attended a CNA training class, and are hired by a federally funded facility in the state, any tuition and expenses you accumulated during your training can be reimbursed by law. When you are searching for a CNA position after you have completed your CNA training, be sure to ask your employer during the interview whether the facility offers tuition reimbursement so you can recover your investment.


  • NHC Healthcare- This healthcare facility offers an accelerate 90 hour program that will make you eligible for certification within the state of Tennessee. While the course itself is free, you will be responsible for obtaining any books and supplies you will need during the class. A full list of supplies will be provided to you when you are accepted into the program, and will include items like a pair of scrubs and textbooks. To apply, visit the facility at 2700 Parkwood Avenue in Chattanooga, Tennessee.



Nursing Homes that May Provide Free CNA Training


While the following nursing homes do not provide CNA training themselves, they may be able to assist you in obtaining your certification by paying for your training.


  • Ave Maria Home in Memphis


  • Bailey Park Community Living Center in Humboldt


  • Baptist Hickman Nursing Home in Centerville


  • Brookhaven Manor in Kingsport


  • Dyer Nursing Home in Dyer


  • Lexington Manor in Lexington


  • Life Care Center of Bruceton in Bruceton


  • Mt. Juliet Health Care Center in Mount Juliet



If CNA training is an important stepping stone in your future health care career, don’t pay for it. In the state of Tennessee, you can begin your CNA career quickly and at no cost to your through facilities that offer free CNA training.

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