Why Bad Days During CNA Training Aren’t so Bad

cna trainingCNA Training

When most people think about CNA training, they think of the few short weeks it will take to complete it. It’s true, many CNA training programs are short and provide the perfect way to enter the medical field quickly. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy though.

Like any other continued education, CNA training will have its ups and downs. Sometimes there will be excellent days, when everything goes right, you earn the perfect grades on every exam, and you seem to catch on to a new skill within seconds. Other days, you won’t be so lucky. This shouldn’t come as a shock; life itself it full of ups and downs. Even those bad days, however, don’t have to be all bad- or bad at all. They can actually be good for us in many ways.

Bad Days During CNA Training

Here’s the honest truth: good days aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Sure, nothing might upset you or go wrong, but that doesn’t mean you were able to learn what you needed to and gain the experience you will need after CNA training. In the same way, a bad day doesn’t not always mean you didn’t learn anything at all.

While your CNA training instructor may have been short, rude, or even unfriendly to you, that doesn’t mean they didn’t provide you with the information and knowledge you need to become successful after CNA training. Those pearls of wisdom are still pearls, whether they come from a smiling or frowning mouth. And, just because the CNA you followed during clinicals did everything the opposite way you were taught doesn’t mean you didn’t learn anything. You learned what not to do, and you learned how to recognize what was right and what was wrong.

After CNA Training: The Benefits of Bad Days

What else can bad days do?

  • They Can Challenge You- Stress isn’t always bad. It can motivate us, propel us forward, and challenge us to take the next step. If you’re having a stressful day, take advantage of it. Figure out how you can use that stress to increase your education and understanding.
  • They Can Prepare You- Not everything you say or do after CNA training will go the way you plan, so why not prepare for that now? Experiencing bad days as a student will allow you to understand how to face a bad day head on during your CNA career.
  • They Can Test You- If you can’t handle a bad day during CNA training, how are you going to handle a bad day when the life of a patient is in your hands? Bad days can test you when you least expect it and help you determine whether or not you have the ability to handle the pressure of this type of career.

Before you write off a bad day as being a waste of time, consider how much you are able to learn from this negative experience. You might be surprised how quickly a bad day turns into a good one during CNA training.

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