Why CNA Training Should Be Your First Stop Before Nursing School

cna trainingCNA Training

 Did you know that many nursing schools these days actually require you to undergo CNA training before you can even apply for enrollment? It’s true. And while you may never have considered taking CNA training before, now is the time to sit down and seriously think about the advantages this type of program will provide you before you head off to nursing school.




Advantages of CNA Training Before Nursing School


  • Satisfy Prerequisite Requirements- If your nursing school requires you to complete CNA training before enrollment, doing so is, of course, important to furthering your career and gaining the experience you need before school.
  • Stand Out- Even if your nursing school does not require you to complete CNA training, it may be a good idea anyway. Nursing schools are competitive, and prior training can provide you with a leg up on the competition. The nursing school will see you are committed to working in the health care field, are prepared to begin your training as a nurse, and have valuable experience under your belt.
  • Knowledge- When you take CNA training, you will learn a number of skills that are essential for working in the nursing field. You will learn how to bathe patients, dress them, take and record vital signs, implement range of motion exercise, and help patients perform everyday activities. These skills will help you become a better nurse and make it easier for you to succeed in your coursework during school.
  • Development of Nursing Skills- Aside from the regular skills you will learn how to perform in CNA training, you will also learn a number of valuable nursing skills while you are on the job, like proper bedside manner and how to work well with others on your healthcare team. You will also come to respect the ‘grunt’ work done by nursing assistants after CNA training and will appreciate them more when you become a nurse.
  • Experience- Working as a nursing assistant after CNA training can help you gain the experience you need to determine whether or not you really want to work in the health care field as a nurse. You will have the opportunity to observe nurses in a variety of health care settings, like nursing homes, home health, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and hospice. This will allow you to see what tasks the nurses perform daily and determine if you are truly interested in doing the same.
  • Funding Your Degree- While not all health care facilities offer a sponsorship program, some facilities will provide you with the opportunity to attend a CNA training program and nursing school at no cost to you if you can show a commitment to that particular facility. Most require at least a 6 month work commitment before they will fund your CNA training, and up to a 5 year work commitment and prior work with the facility as a CNA before they will cover your nursing school tuition.

 Take Advantage of CNA Training Before Nursing School

If you want to become a nurse, make sure you have the experience and requirements you need. Complete CNA training first.

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