Will My Online CNA Training Be Accepted by a Medical Facility?

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Are you thinking of taking CNA training to become a certified nursing assistant? Entering this type of career most likely means you are a patient, caring, and understanding person who loves to help others. Online CNA training will help you take those qualities and use them in your healthcare career.



When choosing an online CNA training school, it is essential you pick the right one and avoid scams. However, an even bigger concern you should have is whether the online school you pick and the training you obtain will be accepted by future employers as credible.


After all, if you can’t find employment after you complete your CNA training, what’s the point of spending the time and money on it?


Determining if Your Future Employers Will Accept Your CNA Training


While online learning is all the rage now, many employers are still skeptical of its benefits with CNA training. Many are unsure if the internet can really give students the right learning environment and whether students can actually gain the knowledge and skills they need to work as a nursing assistant.


If you are going to convince your employer that you indeed gain the knowledge you need in your online classes, make sure you consider the following.


  • Make Sure the Online Classes Are Accredited- Accreditation is essential when you are looking for an online school. Accreditation shows your future employer the CNA training you completed met both national and state standards and was a reliable and trustworthy learning institution. Before you even think of signing up for an online CNA training course, visit www.chea.org to verify the school’s accreditation.


  • Make Sure You Receive the Correct Hours for CNA Training- Each state requires a certain number of hours to be completed in CNA training before you are eligible for the state’s certification exam. The average for most states is 75 hours of classroom learning and up to 50 hours of clinical learning. Depending on your particular state, the number of hours required may be more or less. Before taking online CNA training, make sure you will receive the correct amount of hours for your classroom training.


  • Make Sure You Can Take Clinical Training- While online CNA training provides you with all the necessary knowledge you need with classroom learning, you will still need to spend a certain number of hours in clinical training, learning how to perform hands-on procedures. Make arrangements for this clinical training at a local college or medical facility before you begin your online classes. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


  • Check With Local Employers- If you really want to know if your future employer is going to accept your CNA training course online, the simplest way to find is to simply ask. Check around at different types of medical facilities and ask what type of training they require. See how they feel about online learning and whether they would ever consider hiring a CNA who had completed their CNA training online.


Make Sure Your Employers Will Accept Your CNA Training


If you have always dreamed of becoming a CNA, and want the convenience and benefits of learning at home, online CNA training might be right for you. Before you begin though, take a good look at the number of hours you will be taking, ensure you have the opportunity to take your clinical hours, and check with various medical facilities in the area to ensure your certification will be accepted after CNA training.

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