You’ll Be Surprised Who Makes the Best CNA Training Candidates

cna trainingCNA Training Candidates

Whether you’ve just started CNA training or you’re working on an RN nursing degree, the number one reason most individuals enter the field is out of a desire to help people. Your CNA training, after all, is preparing you for a service oriented career. Although often viewed through rose colored glasses, health care is a business, and your patients or residents are the customers. The only difference between health care and other fields is the fact that the way you treat your customers has a big impact on their overall health, happiness, and well being.

Which CNA Training Graduates Make the Best CNAs?

With that in mind, what type of CNA training graduates will make the best certified nursing assistants? Well, no one can make these types of predictions since people are all different, but, let’s take a look at particular careers that already have similar attributes and motives as those who completed their CNA training.

  • Waitresses / Servers – Waitresses are quite used to being on their feet for long hours, as well as multitasking, working at a fast pace, serving others, and hanging in there with a pleasant attitude even when having a trying day. This is the perfect launching pad for a prospective CNA training graduate.


  • Daycare Provider – Whether you’re a nanny or work as an aide in a daycare facility, you’ve probably already got what it takes to begin a medical career as a CNA. You already work with one or numerous clients (children). Little people often need much more direct supervision and one-on-one time than patients in a hospital or adult care center. Also, you already have first aid basics and possibly CPR under your belt. Stress? Not a problem. Noise levels? You know how to tune them out. The daycare provider is a perfect candidate for CNA training classes.


  • Teacher’s Aides and Tutors – Often, teacher’s aides begin their careers with the hopes of helping others achieve their educational goals while also earning an income that can support them in a modest lifestyle. This is generally not the case. Teacher’s aides often don’t work during the summer months, which can really put a damper on finances. Since tutors already love to work one-on-one with people, have compassion, and are able to engage others, this is also a career that will transition into CNA training quite easily.

What is your current career? Are you already performing duties that line up with the things you’ll be doing after CNA training? If you love working with people, have a good listening ear, and are able to work at a fast pace while on your feet for 8 hours at a time, CNA training class may be just the right fit for you.

As a CNA training graduate, you’ll teach, engage, and serve every single day. Have you got what it takes to enter this rewarding medical field? Learn about the CNA training opportunities in your area, and start your new career today!

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