Your Career After CNA Training; 3 Difficult Patients You Will Face

Your Career After CNA Training; 3 Difficult Patients You Will Facecna training

So you’ve finished all of your CNA training and passed every exam. You can’t wait to get out into the field and lend a helping hand to those who need it. You landed a job and you start on Monday. Monday finally comes and you’re off to work, most exciting day of your career. You go in to help your first patient on your first day in your brand new scrubs. “Good morning sir, how are you today? My name is-” “I don’t need a child’s help, bring me a doctor.”

Difficulties After CNA Training Is Complete

The angry older gentleman- If you happen to find yourself in the midst of this character the only thing you can do is be kind and try to get your job done without causing too much of a scene. Something about getting older makes younger generations extremely unqualified for any and every job, regardless of the fact that you’ve just been through CNA training. However, all hope is not lost. Finding common ground with a patient such as this may sound time consuming and nerve grinding but it can make a world of difference. Being that you are a CNA you will possibly be visiting your patients many times. Having a level of comfortability will make your time together a less dramatic experience for both of you.

The frightened child- Many people in CNA training have the misconception that working with children is a breeze and any egg head could handle it. Wrong. The frightened child is something similar to a person running from a killer in some poorly made 90′s horror film. When you were working on your CNA training you weren’t expecting to be someone’s worst nightmare were you? Don’t be dismayed. There are a couple things that usually help to calm a frightened child. Sweets, friendly faces, soft voices and if none of those work try their parents. Children like comfort and routine. Always greeting them in the same manner and giving them a sticker or some other type of positive surprise will help them warm up to you in no time.

The hypochondriac- This type of patient is a little more serious than the others. This is the patient who thinks they have every kind of sickness there ever was. As someone who has just finished CNA training you may not know all the symptoms to the sicknesses they are describing. You want to help them but you also have a hard time taking them seriously because they are a little tiny bit crazy. This type of patient needs lots of factual information about how you know they don’t have what they think they have. They also need a lot of patience and love. Taking the time to establish relationships with your patients will make your choice to go through CNA training a more rewarding decision.

You Are Now A Seasoned CNA Training Graduate

As an intelligent person who has been through CNA training you are more than ready to handle any type of curve ball that comes your way. Don’t be overwhelmed by the needs of your patients. Be confident in your ability to overcome any challenge you are faced with after CNA training.

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