Your Career After CNA training; 5 Best Personality Traits To Have

Your Career After CNA Trainingcna training

If you are considering beginning CNA training and already know you like the pay, you like the hours and you like working with people there is one more thing you should consider. That thing is you.

As a CNA you spend long hours every day with patients in all different mental states is a tolling thing to do.  Before you begin CNA training you may want to know if you have the right character traits to be able to handle such a difficult task. Are you uptight? Are you relaxed? Are you patient?

 After CNA training; 5 Best personality traits in the field

1.) Caring- To be caring is to be nurturing and tentative to the needs of your patients. There is a level of understanding that you must have. After CNA training many nursing assistants think of their patients as just another task to check off the list. Being fresh out of CNA training this is a easy to fall into yet terrible mindset to have because your patients are in a vulnerable place and need to feel that the people helping them actually care. Remember to take the time to show your patients that you have their best interest in mind.

2.) Patience- In order to handle patients in the most appropriate manner, you must have patience. Something that you may not have learned about in your CNA training course is that fact that most people don’t like to be in the hospital. It causes discomfort and fear. If you as a CNA have a patient who is struggling with hospital related anxieties do not just brush them off. Give them just a moment of your time to sit down and tell them they are safe, you are there to help them, you want nothing but the best for them and if they need anything at all they can page you to their room.

3.) Cleanliness- During CNA training they teach you the importance of cleanliness. Still I must stress that in order to promote good health in the hospital environment it is imperative that you are a person of good hygiene. Hospitals are covered in hundreds of types of bacteria and sicknesses that you could easily contract and spread. Be sure to wash your hands constantly. After and before meeting with each patient wash your hands thoroughly. Make sure that each day you have showered and are wearing a fresh pair of scrubs. Don’t overlook the small details. Keep as clean as possible.

4.) Organization- CNA training taught you how to appropriately handle a patient during a range of tasks. But, did CNA training teach you how to handle ten patients simultaneously? Maybe not. It is very important that you know how to handle these types of situations without getting confused. Be sure to track everything to do with your patients. It is your responsibility to know if their behavior or bodily movements are worsening or getting better. Be sure to keep track of your patients efficiently.

5.) Time management- As a CNA you have many things to get done in a shift of work. It is important that you complete each task following the guidelines taught to you in CNA training and that you do it quickly. Spending too much time on simple tasks can mean not getting to more important tasks in an acceptable amount of time. As a CNA you have to consider that if you spend thirty minutes moving equipment from one room to another while one of your patients has soiled themselves and needs assistance, you’ve just left them sitting there for way too long. It is bad for your patients health as well as being not hygienic.

After CNA training your career begins. During this career you will face challenges on a daily basis. It is imperative that you have or can muster up these five character traits in order to be an efficient and pleasant CNA.

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