Your Career After CNA Training: Reduce Accidents in the Home When Working as a Home Health Aide

cna trainingAfter CNA Training

There are many different career paths you can take after CNA training. If you decide to work in home health care as a home health care aide or nursing assistant, you will be caring for patients in their homes. While the home is often thought of as the safest and most comfortable place for your patients to be, there is always a risk of accidents occurring because of ignorance or negligence.


You can take steps to prevent these accidents from occurring after CNA training, though, with just a few of the following tips.


Preventing Household Accidents After CNA Training


  • Mop Up Spills- After CNA training, while you are working as a home health aide, pay special attention to any spills that might occur. While it may seem minor, even a small bit of liquid on a floor can spell disaster for elderly patients and children. They may slip on it and suffer from fractures or sprains when they fall.
  • Keep Sharp Items Away- Knives, scissors, and needles are often common household items you will find when caring for patients after CNA training. However, these items are some of the most likely to cause your patient harm, especially if you are caring for children, special needs adults, or elderly individuals with disorders like dementia. Keep these items put away and out of reach of patients who should not use them without supervision.
  • Wear Appropriate Footwear- Always encourage your patients to wear shoes, skid-free socks, or sandals, even when they are walking around the house. This footwear will keep them safe from many slips and falls that may occur. Open sores on the feet can be detrimental to seniors with diabetes or poor circulation, but wearing the proper footwear will your patients safe from stubbing or injuring their toes or feet on sharp items around the home after CNA training.
  • Pick Up Clutter- Leaving clutter around the home is just asking for an accident to occur. After CNA training, while you are working as a home health aide, ask you patient if he or she wouldn’t mind you picking up some of the clutter to help them avoid tripping and falling while they are walking around their house. Make sure all walkways are clear, including hallways and stairways. If children live in the home, ensure their toys are placed in the proper containers or in the proper place to prevent accidents from occurring.
  • Keep Sockets Covered- It doesn’t matter whether your patients are old or young, it is essential to keep unused sockets covered to prevent accidental electrocutions and fires. After CNA training, make sure your patient’s electrical sockets are all covered and flammable materials are stored away from the sockets, in a proper area.


Protect Your Patients After CNA Training


Keeping your patients safe after CNA training is important to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career as a home health nursing assistant. Take these steps to ensure your patients are safe in their homes and you are able prevent any accidents from occurring after you complete CNA training.

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