Your Career After CNA Training: The Dreaded Group Interview

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For many students who have completed CNA training, group interviews are a piece of cake. These individuals work well in a team setting and are easily able to make their ideas and thoughts heard in the midst of a crowd. However, not all students who complete CNA training have these qualities. Some have quieter personalities.




No matter what your personality type is, however, you should treat a group interview after CNA training the same way you would treat any other interview, because while they are different in ways, they are more alike. You will need to research the medical facility, dress appropriately, arrive early, practice answer common questions the interviewer might ask, and remember to follow up with a thank you note.

After CNA Training: Group vs. One-on-One


The main difference between a one-on-one interview and a group interview after CNA training is rather obvious: in a group interview you will be questioned at the same time as other CNA who are seeking the same job as you are. This means you not only have to show your potential employer what an excellent CNA you will be and how much you can offer the facility, but you will have to do so in front of your competition.


This isn’t always a bad thing. If you can find a balance between dominating the conversation and being so passive and shy you can’t open your mouth, you will find you can actually use a group interview to your advantage.


How to Succeed in a Group Interview After CNA Training


  • Don’t be Shy- While you shouldn’t take over the conversation and prevent your competitors from speaking, you shouldn’t sit back and let them answer every single question either. Be confident in yourself and don’t be shy about discussing the knowledge you gained in CNA training and the experience you have accumulated from other jobs.


  • Be Prepared- Just like any other interview, you need to be prepared for the position you are being hired for. Do some research beforehand and make sure you know what will be required of you for the position. Will you need to take additional CNA training so you can draw blood? Will you need to perform many secretarial duties? Will you be working with certain types of patients and need to be knowledgeable about certain diseases and illnesses? The more you are prepared for your group interview after CNA training, the better your chances of actually obtaining the position you want.


  • Be Memorable- When you are looking for a job after CNA training, you need to remember you are not the only one out there searching. This will be evident by the group interview setting, where you will be interviewed at the same time as many of your colleagues. If you want a CNA position, you need to be memorable in the eyes of your interviewer. This means you need to be respectful, keep your cool, answer questions honestly, and respond intelligently.


If you are going to be part of a group interview for a position after CNA training, make sure you are fully prepared and ready for this type of situation. While it can be a bit nerve-wracking, you simply need to trust your skills and the knowledge you obtained in CNA training.

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