Your Career After CNA Training: When There Aren’t Enough Supplies to Go Around

cna trainingCNA Training

When you are working as a CNA after CNA training, you expect to deal with a variety of problems in the workplace. You may have to handle mental and physical issues that occur with patients; you may have to deal with less-than-competent CNAs and medical staff. While your CNA training has probably taught you how to correctly deal with all of these problems, it probably hasn’t taught you how to deal with one of the most common issues you will come across after CNA training:


Not having enough supplies.


While this problem may seem insignificant, it can actually affect the level of care you can provide to your patients. If you are working in a facility after CNA training that doesn’t not have the proper amount of supplies you need to perform your job correctly, here are a few tips for how to handle it.


How to Handle the Lack of Supplies After CNA Training


  • Don’t Substitute- If you need certain items to perform your job correctly, don’t try to substitute those items with others after CNA training. Wearing latex gloves simply because the facility ran out of vinyl gloves is not a good idea, especially if you or one of your patients is allergic.


  • Don’t Ignore it- When you realize you don’t have the supplies you need to care for your patients after CNA training, don’t ignore that fact or expect someone else to report it. The individual who is in charge of ordering the supplies may not realize there aren’t enough, and won’t order them unless they are informed of it.


  • Inform Your Supervisor- If you don’t know who orders the supplies, talk to your immediate supervisor about the supplies you need. He or she will know who to report these issues to, and you will be able to quickly get the items you need to properly care for your patients after CNA training.


  • Negotiate- At times, supplies like towels, wash clothes, and bedding may not be available immediately when you need it. The housekeeping staff may be washing it, or other CNAs may have already stocked their carts and took the last available ones. When this happens, it is time to use your negotiating and communication skills. If the bedding and towels are in the washer and dryer, approach the housekeeping staff and ask them if they will let you know as soon as the next load is done. Offer to help fold the towels and bedding, but don’t rush them or appear to be superior simply because you have gone through CNA training. If other CNAs have taken some supplies, approach them and see if they will let you have a few items for your first few patients in exchange for bringing supplies directly to their cart when they are available.


Obtain Supplies After CNA Training


There may be times after CNA training when you are working in a facility and are unable to obtain the supplies you need to do your job correctly. Learn how to handle this problem correctly so you can make the most of your CNA training.

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