Your Career After CNA Training – Your Annual Evaluation

cna trainingYour Career After CNA Training

After CNA training is behind you and you’ve settled into your new career, you’ll have two major things to look forward to each year. The first is your CNA training continuing education or CEU’s and the second is your employee performance evaluation. Often, a CNA training graduate’s annual evaluation is a time of stress and anxiety. This doesn’t have to be your story. Here are the things that are generally covered in a yearly evaluation. If you know ahead of time (we’re talking six months ahead of time, not six days) what to expect on an annual evaluation, then you can fine tune your own performance on a daily basis.

CNA Training and Careers – Annual Evaluations

The annual evaluation can make or break you. Often, raises and promotions are based on the evaluation scoring system, so you’ll want to focus (or at least be aware) of what most medical facilities are going to look at:

Patient Quality of Care –
How do you deal with patients? How often have your patients suffered from pressure sores or been injured on your watch? Are your patients always appropriately dressed, clean, dry, well fed and happy? When you deal with patients, do you project empathy and kindness or do you seem rushed? All of these fall under quality of care and should be your number one concern as a CNA training graduate.

Teamwork With Other CNA’s and Medical Staff -
Do you work well with others and are you a true team player? Do you actively help other CNA training graduates when they are behind? Do your coworkers value your presence on the job? Basically, you should know if your fellow workers feel that you are an asset or a dead weight. Although you may not think this is important, it really is. The willingness to help where needed and cooperate well with others is high on most managers list of valuable assets.

Ability to Follow Policies and Procedures
Are you careful about medical nondisclosure? Do you follow all the rules and procedures of your medical facility? Whether or not you agree with all of them, your job as a responsible CNA training graduate is to follow the policies that have been set down. If something doesn’t quite work right, don’t be afraid to bring your ideas to your supervisors, but until things change, continue to follow the procedures that are laid down.

How is Your Attendance and Tardiness?
This goes without saying. Your supervisor is keeping tabs on how often you are late or tardy. Contrary to popular belief, it’s really not okay to simply call off once or twice each month. Some CNA training graduates fall into this bad habit and it hurts them greatly in the end. Now, of course if you are actually ill, that’s another story.

Are You Up on Your CEU’s?
Are you up to date with your required number of hours needed each year for in services?

It’s vital that you do this on your own without being reminded. It’s your responsibility and if your manager or charge nurse does have to remind you, it proves you are not responsible.

Have you already gone through an annual assessment? Leave us a message and tell us how it went.

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