Your Career Path After CNA Training – Taking the Easy Road

cna trainingYour Career After CNA Training

After your CNA training is complete, you’ll be on track to choose your first position. If your particular CNA training class offers job placement, you may want to go that route. After all, it is the easiest choice, and you won’t have to go through the resume, interview and hiring process. But, is that the smartest thing to do? If your CNA training class is like most, you’re likely to be placed in an adult care facility, a center for the developmentally disabled of all ages, or another type of living center where a full staff of CNA’s is needed for three shifts. Although working at these facilities is rewarding and can be extremely fulfilling, there are some cons to consider.

Drawbacks of Job Placement After CNA Training

  • You’re likely to be placed in a facility that is short staffed or where many of the workers are fresh out of CNA training. This can make things difficult if you are looking for direction. Yes, there will always be an RN on duty, but full care facilities are generally fast paced and can be quite a lot to get used to for a new CNA.
  • Adult care facilities generally assign anywhere from 4-10 or more patients per CNA. Although you will learn a lot, getting used to this type of workload can be overwhelming to an assistant fresh out of CNA training class.
  • Expectations are high and training time with experienced staff members is often short in busy adult care facilities. You’ll be expected to complete numerous duties in short time frames and the chances of making mistakes increases with the number of patients you are responsible for.

You’re probably reading this right now and saying to yourself, “Wow, this doesn’t seem like a good idea!” The new aide just out of CNA training often needs time to adapt and adjust to his or her new role, but is this even possible? Yes! Keep reading!

The Best Career Path After CNA Training

Looking at the pros, cons and obvious stresses involved with being “thrown to the wolves,” so to speak, let’s take a look at the wonderful world of home healthcare.

When compared, side by side with a career in any medical facility, home healthcare is the easiest and can be the most rewarding path after CNA training. Take a look at the pros and see if you agree:

  • After CNA training, home health involves just you and your patient. This means more meaningful and quality time with your patient.
  • You’ll never feel rushed because there are no deadlines. Although you may be responsible to have your patient’s meal at a certain time, or get them dressed and ready for a doctor’s appointment or outing, most of your pace will be determined by you and your patient’s condition.
  • After CNA training, you may not be ready for lifting and moving numerous patients. Working in home health care definitely saves your back!

If you love people, want to make a difference in the lives of your patients and save yourself from being overwhelmed, home health is a great choice after CNA training.

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