Your Interview After CNA Training: It’s More Than Your Resume

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Are you getting ready for your first interview after CNA training? We recently discussed the importance of the resume and how to use a sample resume, so it may surprise you to hear that your resume doesn’t really matter. Not anymore, that is. When you go in for an interview after CNA training, your future employer will already have your resume. She knows what training you’ve had, what skills you have acquired, and what steps you have taken to improve your position in the health care field.


None of this is going to truly matter after CNA training once you reach the interview; your resume was able to put your name on the short list for an interview and that was its job. Your future employer may touch on some subjects relating to your resume, but for the most part, she is going to want to discuss You.

Interview Questions to Ask Yourself After CNA Training

Your future employer already knows how qualified you are and that you completed CNA training. Make sure you are fully prepared for your interview by stepping away from your resume and toward yourself after CNA training.

  • Are you confident? Do you know what you are doing after CNA training? This will be apparent in the way you talk and the way you act. Confidence is important, but remember there is a difference between arrogance and confidence.
  • Are you able to handle stress? If you are sweating profusely and on the verge of having a panic attack during the interview, how can your employer be sure you will be able to handle stress while working as a CNA after CNA training?
  • Are you friendly? Smiling shouldn’t have to be something you remember to do; it should come naturally.
  • What does your attire look like? What about your hair, skin, and teeth? Did you take the time to maintain a professional look or does it look like you rolled out of bed with your clothes on and came straight to the interview.
  • What is your body language saying about you? Are you being defensive when you answer questions by crossing your arms or leaning away from your interviewer?
  • Answering interview questions after CNA training isn’t just about paying attention; it’s about showing interest in every question and demonstrating your interest in the position by the way you answer each question.
  • What is your life like outside your job? Are you going to be available in case of an emergency? Do you get out and socialize and have fun with friends? While these questions may not seem important to you, they can tell an interviewer a lot about whether you are going to be prone to burnout and whether you can be relied on.
  • What plans do you have for the future? Is this just a short stop on the way to nursing school or do you plan on staying with the medical facility after CNA training for years? Your employer doesn’t want to waste her time or yours hiring you and showing you the ropes only to have to disappear six months down the road.

Your interview is more than your resume. Make sure you are ready to talk about YOU after CNA training.

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