Your Interview After CNA Training: Night Before Preparation

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If you have finally completed CNA training and are preparing for your first job interview, there’s no doubt you are nervous. After all, this is like the start of your new career. It’s big, as big as the pregame in football. You have to be prepared for it, or you could miss out on a fantastic opportunity that would jumpstart your career and put you on the path to success after CNA training.





After CNA Training: The Night Before Your Interview


While we have discussed several ways to be fully prepared for interview, here are a few more tips to take advantage of the night before your interview so you are ready to begin your new career after CNA training.


  • Check Your Resume- Make a copy of your resume to take along with the original for your interview after CNA training. This way, when your interviewer asks for your resume, you are able to provide it and leave it with them. You should also take the time to double check everything on the resume; make sure there are no spelling mistakes and your references are listed.


  • Try on Your Outfit- The night before your interview after CNA training, make sure to try on the outfit you intend to wear. This means everything, including your shoes and socks. You don’t want to put on your shoes in the morning only to find that your shoelace is broken.


  • Get Some Sleep- While it might be difficult to fall asleep before your interview, it is important you do everything you can to get some rest. This may mean going to bed extra early so you have the time to toss and turn for a bit until you fall asleep or making use of some sleep aids like melatonin or other medication. Do whatever you can to get some sleep, as dark circles and yawning throughout your interview are not very professional.


  • Contact Info- You might think you are fully prepared for your interview after CNA training, but you really can’t know everything that might happen. You may sleep through your alarm, you might be stopped by a slow moving training on your way to the interview, or your car might break down. You need to be able to contact your potential employer and let them know where you are if something bad happens. The night before your interview, make sure you have all the contact information for your potential employer programmed into your cell phone.


  • Know the Route- While we would like to think technological advances like Google Maps and other mapping tools would never steer us wrong, this isn’t always the case. Make sure you know how to get to the facility before you head out in the morning. Double check your directions and map alternate routes in case of construction or traffic jams. While Google Maps can come in handy, they should not be the only directions you use.


Interview Preparation After CNA Training


These days, preparation is essential, especially when you are getting ready for an interview after CNA training. Make sure you are fully prepared by following these tips the night before and start down your new career path after CNA training.

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