Your Interview After CNA Training: Why You Weren’t Hired

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So, you’ve just completed your first interview after CNA training. You thought it went well, but when you received a call from the interviewer saying you would not be accepted for the position, you realized it may have not gone as well as you first thought.


What could have happened?


Your first reaction may be anger or sadness, which is normal. However, before you give in to a carton of ice cream and a day of lounging on the couch in your pajamas, take a step back and really consider what might have gone wrong.


Why You Were Rejected After CNA Training


When you finish CNA training, you may not expect the interview process to be so difficult. After all, you learned what you needed to in CNA training; you have the skills to do your job correctly. It takes more than that, though, and you may be making a few common mistakes that could result in you not obtaining the position you want after CNA training.


  • Negativity- What attitude did you have toward your former employers, supervisors, or position? How did you describe your CNA training instructor? Your interviewer is going to pay attention to any negative descriptions, and will begin to lose interest in hiring you if everything you say is negative and depressing. Stay professional and positive if you want that position after CNA training.


  • Paperwork- It may be easy for CNAs to find and bring in the proper paperwork when they just graduate from CNA training. If you earned your CNA certification 20 years ago, however, you might have misplaced your original certification. You will need this paperwork, along with verification of your renewal, when you go in for an interview. Without it, your new employer won’t be able to hire you.


  • What You Wear- You don’t need to wear a pants suit to an interview when you want to become a CNA, but you shouldn’t wear jeans and a t-shirt either. Show you are ready for work by wearing a nice pair of scrubs, and make sure they fit you well!


  • Convictions- Most medical facilities won’t hire you after CNA training if you have been convicted of a felony or a serious crime involving drugs or abuse. However, these convictions are not the only ones that can prevent you from being hired. Many facilities now won’t even hire individuals with misdemeanors. If you want to be hired after CNA training, avoid getting in trouble with the law altogether.


Why You Weren’t Hired After CNA Training


While it may be difficult to believe, these mistakes can really cost you when you interview for a position after CNA training. Do none of them fit your circumstance? If you weren’t hired, it could be that you are not at fault at all, though. Your personality may clash with the interviewer’s or you may not be a good “fit” with the facility. Don’t let these problems get you down though. Change your attitude and get back out there because there are plenty more opportunities available to you after CNA training.

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