Your Personal Presentation During and After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

When you are taking CNA training, when you are looking for employment, and when you are the job, personal presentation is always a key factor and critical part of becoming a CNA. This is a combination of being properly dressed, having good hygiene, and being prepared for your daily tasks. You are an important part of the health care team, and you spend a lot of time in contact with patients and their families. Because of this, you must present yourself in a clean and neat manner.




Your personal presentation also affects your treatment of patients. If you do not maintain proper hygiene or dress correctly, patients may not want you to treat them, and, if they do, you could pass on germs and microorganisms that can be harmful to their health.



Maintaining a Proper Personal Presentation After CNA Training


After CNA training, you have to make sure you present yourself properly so you can do your job and ensure your patient’s health. If you aren’t sure what you should be doing to present yourself correctly, consider these tips:


  • When you are employed after CNA training, always follow the dress code your employer has laid out. This will include clean clothing that fits well and has been ironed or pressed so it is free of wrinkles. Avoid wearing any clothing that has been torn or is missing buttons until it can be repaired. If your clothing has been heavily soiled, so much so that it cannot be cleaned properly, you should throw it away.


  • Bathe every day and use unscented deodorant.


  • Never wear perfumes or colognes. Your patients may be allergic to the scent or find the scent bothersome.


  • Practice great oral hygiene by brushing your teeth, using mouthwash, and breath fresheners.


  • Make sure your nails are kept clean and short during and after CNA training. When are working with elderly patients, this is essential because their skin is much thinner. It can easily become scratched if your nails are too long.


  • If you wear make-up, make sure it odor-free and is lightly applied after CNA training.


  • Wash your hair often and keep it neat and out of the way. While many television shows show doctors, nurses, and those who have completed CNA training with their long hair down while they are performing procedures, remember that this is real life and not television. Your patients don’t want to find hair in their food, and you don’t want your hair to be in the way while you are cleaning a bedpan.


  • Avoid wearing jewelry and make sure any tattoos and piercings are covered after CNA training.


  • Wear comfortable and supportive shoes and make sure they are washed and polished regularly.


  • Get plenty of rest each night so you are always alert and look refreshed.


  • Wear a watch that will allow you to count the time in seconds so you can take a patient’s pulse and respiration properly after CNA training. Also, be sure to carry a pen and a pad of paper with you so you can record this information and other observations you make about your patients’ health.


Be Clean and Professional After CNA Training


If you present yourself in a clean and professional way, you will be well received by your patients, employer, and other CNAs. Make sure you make an effort when it comes to your dress, hygiene, and preparedness during and after CNA training.

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