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cna trainingYour Career After CNA Training

During and after CNA training, one of the topics you’ll become familiar with is patient rights. It shouldn’t really take CNA training to understand that your patients have the right to proper care, treated with dignity and to have their privacy respected. These should be a given. Unfortunately, with the title of CNA comes a bit of stigma from unprofessional CNAs and other medical staff who have been publicized in the past for mistreating or abusing the rights of their patients. Along with patient rights though, is also the topic of CNA rights. As a responsible and professional CNA, you should be just as aware of your own rights as you are of the rights of your patients.

Have You Thought About Your Own Rights After CNA Training

  • The Right to Payment- Remember, just because your work environment may be fast paced and a bit hectic, it doesn’t mean you should be asked or forced to pass up break periods, your lunch hour, or working for free to complete the tasks from your shift.  Have any of these happened to you? Unfortunately, many aides fresh out of CNA training are duped into thinking they don’t deserve overtime, or must miss a break if the workload is too heavy. Be sure to keep track of your hours and compare each paycheck to ensure you are properly compensated. As a CNA training graduate, you have a right to all pay deserved.
  • The Right to Safety- As a CNA training graduate, you have the right to work in a safe environment. Although this sounds pretty basic, there are quite a few issues that can deem a workplace environment unsafe. Bullying from coworkers or managers, a lack of communication of issues such as communicable diseases or problems within the facility, or proper attention to outdated equipment or other problems which could lead injury or worse. If you currently are experiencing any of the above problems, speak to your immediate supervisor first, but if you don’t feel satisfied with this, always go up the chain of command. As a professional and a CNA training graduate, you have rights, and sometimes you have to pursue them.
  • The Right to Professionalism- The right to professionalism is straightforward. Every employee has the right to be treated respectfully treatment by your superiors and fellow CNA training graduates.  If the environment you work in ever becomes stressful due to the level of unprofessionalism, course humor, or vulgar language, always bring this to the attention of your supervisor.

As a CNA training graduate, the expectation of professional and fair treatment also  means you’ll act as a professional yourself. As a rule of thumb, it’s generally best to stay out of sticky situations, don’t accept favors or gifts from patients, and don’t bend or break the rules for anyone; –patient, supervisor or fellow CNA training graduate.

Follow the above advice and you’ll be sure to be the absolute best representative of a professional and successful CNA training graduate.

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